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  1. I have bought myself a new 328i touring to use as a cheap work horse for a while. Not perfect but overall its in pretty good shape. Having a weird problem where I keep needing to recode the keys. I follow the procedure and remote locking then works, but I'm having to do it at least once a day. Did this sound like a gm5 fault or something different? When they stop working it's completely dead, central locking doesn't then work manually either, it only unlocks the drivers door. But it all works as soon as I recode the key. Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
  2. Morning All. It's been a long time since I logged in here but I am currently looking for a new car. Originally I was set on a 130i but due to the surprising rarity of them, especially with any nice toys, I am now looking at getting a e92 330i. I have seen what looks like a nice one for sale at Phoenix Cars in Southampton which I am hoping to go and take a look at today and I was wondering if anyone has any prior experience with the garage? I google'd them which came up with a couple of not so great comments but there weren't many and these were weighed up against a couple of good comments as well so nothing conclusive although enough to make me want to check them out further.
  3. A link to the add for pictures can be seen below. Used this since it was released at the end of last year but it is unmarked and I would consider it in 'as new' condition. I am asking for £260. It is £299 from Google so £40 off if anyone is interested?
  4. Window sounded like it broke! help!

    Sounds like the window regulator. Common failure and pretty cheap and easy fix. Google it
  5. Over priced?

    They work when its in sport. You hit it over to sport, then use the paddles as if you would the auto stick to change gear OK, thank you for the tip. I will change that. Now without stirring up a huge debate, what is classified as semi-auto? Something such as SSG/SMG?
  6. Over priced?

    They were actually already done when I brought the car. However I have looked into it from reading various things and it seems to be a pretty easy job
  7. Over priced?

    Oh really, thats good to know thanks! thats the first positive I have read regarding doing it! Lol
  8. Over priced?

    Haha, yea I am hoping so. I was aware of the timing just started to question my valuation. Specially after I saw one on autotrader (I think) for £1500!! The hedgehog died today so have a new one on order and what I believe to be an incredibly fun job to look forward to on the weekend
  9. Over priced?

    Bloody hell that is nuts!
  10. Over priced?

    Haha really? The mileage is higher, no worries I completely understand that. Were you looking to buy then or checking out the prices to gauge potentially selling yours? I know I need to be patient and its a bad time of year, just wanted to make sure I had not over valued it. Thanks for the comments
  11. Over priced?

    OK cool thanks, I do know its a bad time of year its just with so many views I was starting to think I had over estimated the value
  12. Over priced?

    Just wanted to get peoples opinions on the price I have my car listed at. Is it over priced? I know its a bad time of year to be selling however it has over 1000 views and only two people contact me which were both a complete waste of time.
  13. *SOLD* 2001 330ci auto £2275

    Not the best time of year however I have an itch to scratch and really want a e39! As a result my 330ci is up for sale, I am posting the eBay link to save a lot of copy / paste. Any questions feel free to ask
  14. My 328ci

    Yup thats the one, always dirty!...
  15. My 328ci

    You work in the same business Park as me, see your car all the time and think it looks really smart!