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  1. Hello Again....its Been A While!

    Cheers mate id like to get some pics up but its saying my global quota of a whole 5 Meg is used up! How is this increased?
  2. Hello Again....its Been A While!

    Sorry guys it was a Mercedes E320 CDI not a 320cd Glenn we have to do those tests at some stage
  3. Hello Again....its Been A While!

    Nice to be back! Cant promise on behaving myself though
  4. New Car

  5. Old 330 RIP

    From the album New Car

  6. New car pic 6

    From the album New Car

  7. New car pic 5

    From the album New Car

  8. New car pic 4

    From the album New Car

  9. New car pic 3

    From the album New Car

  10. New car pic 2

    From the album New Car

  11. New car pic 1

    From the album New Car

  12. Hi guy how are things, i hope you have all been keeping well? I havent posted on here in over a year (at least)! Work has been crazy and other commitments have ment my free time is limited and precious, so surfing forums and the net has been lacking some what. Anyway a quick update on whats been happening. I had my old 330ci written off last summer when some lovely lady decided to use my car as a bumper car with her 3 ton 4x4 and t-boned me will follow! I have since then acquired a replacement 330ci this time in Titanium Silver and fully loaded, SatNav/TV, Xenons, leather, Sunroof, full BMWSH. Well they say ever cloud has a silver lining and this has worked out better for me as this is much better spec'd than my last 330 and its an auto so smoother than the SSG gear box in my last one but i do miss the paddles and throttle blip on the down shifts Glenn came round to check it out just after I bought it and gave it the thumbs up after doing a little engine work...topman Work done to the car so far is carbon badges all round, black grills, silver fog surrounds which I bought off Marty agggeeess ago, LED rear lights, angel eyes, smoked sides and fronts, new rear PDC sensor fitted today, piper cross filter fitted, remap by Jason @ BW Chiptune. A big thanks to Jason who has definitely put his magic touch on the car....its definitely quicker...tried and tested against my mates 320CDI with tunning box fitted. Pre-map I couldnt pull away from him at he disappears from view in my rear mirror ....nice! Theres still more to do...springs, alloys refurbed and a little attention to some marks on the bodywork but all in good time. Anyway I hope to be on here more and getting reaquainted with you guys and hopefully even make it to a meet or two (time willing). Also look forward to the banter and laughter that you guys bring to this forum.
  13. Final Parts for Sale - Lots of bits

    Hi mate how much for the window switches and would they fit a compact? Thanks
  14. Just completed all of the licenses last night. Some really tricky races. Anyone else done this? Now have to concentrate on the game!
  15. Gran Turismo 5 Time Trials

    Didnt manage it tonight Marty records still standing came real close to beating my time and getting close to yours but crashed into last barrier and it up. Another day. No excuses but my heads still a bit fuzzy from the booze at the weekend lol