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  1. Now selling this unit as sold the car.....
  2. What an amazing piece of machinery the new F Type is! I had a test drive yesterday and loved it.... Pricey but had such a good experience I went and put a deposit on an XK! Any owners of these got any comments on what they're like? I've wanted one since they launched it in 2006! Cheers, Nick
  3. .....and that's working fine too! Does that mean its the prob the disc pressure sensor then?
  4. Ok thanks. Speedo is fine so it's either the other rear or the dsc pressure sensor.
  5. My obd2 reader doesn't give me any clues about where this error is being caused. Any hants people have a reader I can use?
  6. Where can I find that? Is it easily accessed?
  7. handy tools! Lights still on… guess i ail have to move on to the rears. which rear is it that controls the speedo, as that working fine. Thanks, Nick
  8. Yes it's these..... Going for a lengthy drive today so will see what happens.
  9. Yeah a short 20min drive... Hoped it would reset itself but didnt
  10. Doh.... The poxy warning lights still haven't gone out!
  11. It worked! Many thanks..... Only hope the clean up will get rid of all he dash warning lights! Assumed it was front wheels only causing the error as only recently changed the disks and pads there.
  12. Good thinking, but that not biting either and the external threading isn't grippy enough for my pliers to grip.
  13. Just cleaning my speed sensors and have gone and rounded the passenger side Alan bolt - arrggghhhh! Any solutions / smart ideas to fix this? Nick
  14. T114TCH. With a dirty mark strategically placed it reads THATCH - lots of that down this way lol
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