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  1. bungers: Great buy, tnx. I just have the problem that i'm unsure if the danish tuner is able to make the car run without too many nm, i saw stu writing about torque lim. It may sound crazy but actually thinking about taking a vacation in UK, and get the car remap by stu, reading the tuning artickels he wrote,sure he knows his stuff.
  2. Stu M Development: Is it the airtec one you offer on the kit?
  3. And postage comes too.. But being a turbo back, complete handmade is not just something the local can make here, not that good lookin, and then comes the risk of the known "tractor" sound if a wrong backbox used. Just too many unknown aspects. But it not cheep agreed.
  4. Bungers: okey, well the sound clip of this is exhaust, beat's all youtube video's I've seen, and I defently will ordre next month some time.
  5. Thanx.. bungers Do you work at that firm? Cause I would need to ask if it would fit touring, since this is a coupe. Sure hope it does. -cheers. Edit: Ahh.. saw the link a few posts above, missed it through reading entire thread.
  6. Any more info. on where to buy and price?
  7. Hi All I'm 34 from Denmark, live in Fredericia. Originally from Esbjerg. Just joined in, and used a couple of hours on the forum and it seem to be pretty slick. Reson for joining is more i was searching for info. on the M57 engine, since i'm seriously thinking of buying one next month. (picture of the car below) Former owned cars are 2 e36. One Euro M3 (sold) and a 325i (still have) Here's a small picture of the car om considering of buying next month.
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