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  1. I had an issue with my Erisin running Android 4.4.4, I believe the model is 2046AGB. Anyway, they emailed me a link to updated software but I haven't got around to it just yet. Here's the software link if it's of any use to anyone? http://ulozto.net/xFyhB7EG/android-update-software-2015724-zip Password is 123456
  2. Good man thank you, that worked! It's taking about 30 seconds to boot though, that seems to be very sluggish?
  3. Hey all, My Erisin is refusing to boot, the BMW logo is displaying but that's as far as it goes...any ideas? I pressed the reset button on the front of the unit, but no joy. I also disconnected the car battery but no difference either. Help!
  4. I'm Irish, and to tax this car over there would be 1800 Euro a year
  5. Its not wrong, 06 plate auto 330's fall into the more expensive bracket. Correct, my 06 is automatic and I pay 490 a year. I think it's something ridiculous like 2g of Co2 over the threshold [emoji30]
  6. I don't know about chocolate boxes anyway, maybe in the case of the 330d due to torque but not in the case of the 330i. Looking after the oil and filter should see you without any problems.
  7. I think you'll find a lot have people have come back to an E46 from an E92, yes the E92 is more refined and modern but the E46 has a much better chassis and is not plagued with injector and hpfp issues as seen on the E90's. Personally i think a 06 E46 will hold its value better than a 06 E90
  8. Comparisons below. I'm guessing yours is the one on the bottom in the 2nd pic? SE with small round front fogs? Have a look at the DIY section, there's a useful thread on all things lighting related.
  9. I don't blame you - looks and sounds gorgeous
  10. This came up for sale the other day, expensive but there are currently only 2 of these available in facelift form in the UK. I own the other one This is not my car advertised, but please delete if inappropriate Clubsport
  11. I'm glad to see forum activity picking up in recent times. I've found this forum to be both friendly and very informative over my 4 years of membership, logging in on an almost daily basis. I noticed in the last few months that it had begun to sort of die off, only a few posts per day - possibly due to Facebook groups. I'm sure most people are quickly figuring out that these Facebook groups are good for nothing other than random and meaningless likes of photographs, with minimal assistance. On the E46 Owners Club group in particular I've seen so much maliciousness and bull**** comments directed at other people's misfortune. Prime example attached. Anyway, great to see things picking up here again
  12. I've probably over exaggerated actually, 6 cylinders aren't that bad for it to be fair!
  13. This = pigeon. I know this is a 1.9 Golf, but most diesels with variable vain turbos make this awful s**te noise when you take the foot off. Not as noticable on the 6 cylinders though! You've heard this before, I know it!
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