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  1. thanks for the advice, you've given me the inspiration I needed to carry on with it. I think I'll try a pair of shocks and see how it goes. 182k is high mileage but it's in good shape bodywork wise. It had all the rust addressed, including new wings and both rear arches under the BMW anti corrosion warranty. It cleans up really well and is still going strong 🙂 Agreed that a turbo or a clutch may push it into the uneconomical bracket for repair but, if a pair of shocks will get me through the last 10 or 15k of its life then happy to make that investment.
  2. Hi, I wonder if anyone has suffered this issue before and can share their advice please, getting pretty desperate. When manoeuvring off the drive in first thing in the morning, when i turn to almost full lock in either direction there is a strange feeling and clunking noise from the N/S/F wheel. It almost feels like something is under tension and then all of a sudden, it releases and I can feel it through the steering wheel and also the car moves slightly. It only happens when the weather is is getting colder, no issue in the summer. I've had the following work done Fully checked by 2 garages (one an independent BMW specialist) Power steering fluid changed New wheel bearing Front wheels swapped over I've got power flex wishbone bushes Full four wheel alignment Was told at the last service that the front shocks have started to weep slightly so they will be replaced soon with new springs. Can anyone recommend any good after markets? I am at a loss and been throwing money at it to try and rule things out. I've had the car for 10 years + and it started and been getting steadily worse over the past year and a half. I wonder if the rack is at fault? Car is on 182k E46 05 plate 320D touring with 18" MV2's. Any suggestions or advice greatly appreciated
  3. Hi, I've got a 2005 E46 320D (150bhp) 116k on the clock. I've recently checked the crankcase breather and realised it was the modified vortex type. Please can someone let me know whether this is a fit and forget part or does it require replacement and/or a service every now and again? I've recently suffered some powerloss whilst driving on the motorway - The car would rev and pull fine up to approx 3000rpm but then struggled to rev any higher. With my foot on the accelerator and flat to the floor in 6th I was struggling to pull over 80mph with the eco gauge reading approx 40 mpg (normally down to 16mpg with under hard acceleration). Anyway, when I eventually got to where I was going, I switched the engine off and back on again and the fault cleared and the car was back to pulling like a train throughout the rev range. Spoke to my local indy this morning who've suggested that the crankcase breather may be at fault and/or a split vacuum hose - but I can't see how restarting the engine would suddenly fix either of these 2 components. I'd appreciate any help or advice on offer. Cheers.
  4. Thanks for the reply - I haven't really thought about the budget but I'm sure I can stretch to between £200 - £300. I really wanted to avoid the sub and was just hoping to upgrade the stock speakers for something better & maybe an amp if required. I'm still unsure whether my car has an amp fitted or not. Any ideas where I should look. I have read that it should be located behind the 6disc changer in the boot but I can't see anything there. It has only single door speakers (drivers) with the tweeters mounted higher. There is no mid in my door! The sound is terrible - there seems to be plenty of power but even with the bass & treb at the mid point, the distortion is present at anything above 30% volume. At all volumes, the frequency response is awful I am guessing 100Hz - 10KHz at best - I like 25Hz - 15+KHz I have been researching this for a few hours and there appears to be a 'stereo', 'hifi' and 'HK' setups in the E46 model. I am guessing that mine's a 'stereo' setup which is the most basic out there.
  5. Relative newbie to the forum and to BMW ownership I need some help please regarding speaker upgrades for my 2005 320D ES. A couple of questions before we begin - I have read in many forums that the Business CD until is hooked up to a 200W alpine amp (non HK) - is that true in all cases? Is my system a six speaker system - 2 tweeters in front door - 2 bass in from door - 2 full range speakers in the boot (touring). I have seen that some cars have tweeter, mid and bass speakers in the front door but I can't see whether this is the case in my car without removing the door cards. Does anyone know for sure? So the big question is what to replace the stock speakers with. I have seen some pioneer custom fits that appear okay for the front doors but what about the tweeters, mids (if I have any) and the speakers in the boot. I have been unable to find much out about the tweeters and boot speakers. I need to get them swapped soon - I went for a hearing test the other day just incase my hearing has deteriorated but it checked out just fine!
  6. Thanks for the tips guys. I decided to clean the old EGR valve and upon inspection, it was caked in approx.2-3mm of crud & carbon. I expected more crud judging by some of the posts I have seen on here. Still took a while to clean it though - dirty soddin thing! Whilst my hands were dirty, I decided to check the oil breather too. After 30mins of sheer hell trying to remove the air filter cover I was pleased to find I have the new type of breather fitted . The trouble is, I had already bought the replacement from BMW for £40 so if anyone wants to buy a brand new and un used oil breather please let me know. I am going to leave the swirl flaps for now. I think the bushes are starting to go on the front wishbones so that's the next job. When that's done, I am going to get the damn speakers swapped as they sound aweful. I have been to get my hearing tested just in case My last car was a Saab aero with a premium sound system it sounded awesome - I need to spend loads to get the BMW sound system to sound anything like.
  7. Hi, Newbie to the forum & to BMW ownership and I have been reading some very interesting posts left by you fellow BMW drivers - thanks for sharing your experiences. I am getting a little concerned however when I read about clogged EGR valves and swirl flaps coming breaking off the inlet manifold and 'holidaying' in my engine (as I have seen it described) and scrapping it. Please can some of you seasoned 320D drivers let me know if these are still known issues on the 2005 version of the 320D? Mine has covered approx 106k. If these are something that I should get checked out, can anyone recommend a BMW specialist in the Wolverhampton / West Midlands area? Many thanks......
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