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  1. Hi guys, been a while since I posted here as I sold my e46 a while back and have since had an e60 530d, x5 3.0d and now an x5 4.6is. I'm looking to see if anyone can point me in the direction of a person/company that can do coding on my Bmw. I have the tyre pressure system inactive warning message. All of the valves for this system have been removed and the ecu can be coded not to look for the monitoring system therefor removing the warning. Are there anyone in Glasgow or even Scotland that could do this for me? Any help appreciated guy, thanks
  2. Since hes been looking at Rotas I imagine he will want to change to 5x114 or whatever the jap spec is if thats the sort of wheels he was looking at.
  3. What do you class as cheap BMW diesel? I sold my 2002 M-Sport 184bhp 5 speed manual for £2400 with 135k iirc. I at the time thought that was quite cheep and still do. Contrary to what others will say about buying cheap and spending more in repairs, I know mine ran spot on, any issues it had were sorted asap, and Im confident then new owner would have had very little issues with it. It had no swirl flaps, I replaced the EGR, maybe even both not sure. So if that sounds like a cheap diesel for you I would say they are out there, without buying a 200k+ one. Sell that Golf and get back in a beemer would be my advice
  4. Im up north now mate so wont make it.
  5. Any pictures of this complete Jamie? Have you sold it yet? Good choice on going for an E60, that was my next move after my E46, Im gonna sell mine and go for a 335d shortly I think.
  6. ........I'd ditch the tyres and fit Schwalbe Hurricanes or something similar. Factory-fit knobblies don't have enough grip on hard surfaces, but the likes of Hurricanes still have enough deep tread to cope with the sort of riding you've suggested. HTH Stuart. Cheers for the pointer Stu I'll get onto that. It will probably come down to that Mit lol, their both entry level spec bikes so not much seperating them I dont hink.
  7. Any of the guys on here into cycling? Im looking for a bike to use for a bit of cardio when I cant be bothered with the gym. Seen 2 local to me second hand and roughtly the same price. Wondering if anyone could recommend one over the other. Bikes are a Scott Aspect 40 2012 and a Felt Q620 2012. Both are decent enough looking bikes, I wont be doing much 'mountain biking' as such but will do the odd bit of cross country on it hence not going for an all out road bike. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated as Im looking to go for either of them tomorrow. Scott: Frame: Aspect Alloy 6061, performance geometry, integrated headtube Fork: Suntour XCM-H with lockout, 100mm travel Front Derailleur: Shimano M190 Rear Derailleur: Shimano Acera Number of Gears: 24 Shifters: Shimano EF51L EZ-Fire Plus Chainset: Shimano M171 Chainrings: 42/34/24 tooth Bottom Bracket: Shimano UN26, cartridge type Cassette: Shimano HG31 11-32 tooth 8-speed Chain: KMC Z7 Pedals: Wellgo C127S Front Brake: Shimano M375L Mechanical disc Rear Brake: Shimano M375L Mechanical disc Brake Levers: Shimano Integrated Handlebars: Scott Aspect OS, 15mm rise, 8 degree backsweep, 640mm Stem: Scott TDS-D345A-8 Headset: Ritchey Logic OE Integrated Rims: Araya TX-633, D-Wall, Black Front Hub: Scott Disc Team CL Rear Hub: Shimano RM35 CL Spokes: 14 G stainless black Front Tyre: Schwalbe Black Jack, 26×2.1 Rear Tyre: Schwalbe Black Jack, 26×2.1 Saddle: Scott Aspect Seatpost: Scott, 31.6mm Weight: Not Specified Felt: Series 6061 Aluminum, Hydroform Top Tube Frame RockShox Dart 1, 100mm Travel Aluminum Lowers/Crown Fork Shimano 24 Speed, Deore Rear Derailleur WTB SX-24 Double-Wall Rims Truvativ X-Flow Crank Alivio Mechanical Disc Brakes Semi-Integrated Headset Felt Façade Dual Density Saddle Forged Aluminum Stem
  8. How much has that set you back if you dont mind me asking? How long did it take and roughtly how long are you hoping it lasts you?
  9. Cheers Jimmy, it is indeed the SMG2 and £6.5k is round about where I thought it would be. Thanks
  10. I dont have whats in my avatar anymore. 06 530d M-Sport, Ecotune with iFlash yada yada yada, just really looking for a value of the M3? I know its only worth what someones willing to pay and that said I fancy the deal anyway so am going to have a look.
  11. Ive been offered a swap for my car and think Im gonna go ahead with it. Just wanting to see the what e46 enthousiasts would value it at. the car in question is a MY02 Carbon black M3 convertible with hardtop and kiwi interior, 81k, FBMWSH, TV/Nav, 19" shadow chrome wheels. The prices seem to vary loads on completed eBay listings and figure folk would be better informed on here. Thanks in advance
  12. I have a Sony Xperia Z1, excellent phone, little bit big but you get used to it after a couple of days, screen is brilliant, camera is excellent, does anything I could ever want on my phone and has the added benefit that its waterproof.
  13. Paisley police Jamie, same difference. I stay up north now I only came down yesterday for a visit lol. Police up the road have never bothered me so the plates staying as it is.
  14. That seems to be the general consensus, I'll pay it and carry on regardless.
  15. I was pulled over today for my registration plate spacing. First time in the 2 years of having it so not bad. Im in the wrong and my hands are up before anyone starts the usual nonsense. My queery is this, I have been fined £100 for 'plate misrepresentation'. Prior to the new fine limits this was a £30 fine now raised to £50. Would I be within my rights to contest thos to be lowered to £50? All figures above come from the Governments own website HERE https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/224486/fpn-table-new-levels.pdf Whats the thoughts?
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