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  1. My 330ci with 120k on the clock cranks but will not start heres how it happened The previous day it drove fine the following morning it started but ran lumpy so i switched it off. Lost my BMtechnic software on my laptop due to windows 7 crashing so could not diagnose however called a mate to diagnose and immediately detected low compression on crank he checked the oil and found it to be very low. Ran diagnosis and Cam shaft sensor error showed up He put more oil in cranked to build up oil pressure and it sounded like it wanted fire up. However several attempts may have flooded the plugs but the cam shaft sensor error did not show up again after he cleared it filled it with oil and re attempted to start. He suggested i open the plugs to clean it or wait for the fuel in the plugs to dry with the current warm weather at the moment to aid me. It has half a tank of fuel and you can hear the fuel pump prime up when the ignition is in the no 2 position. Not sure if it has had a fuel filter change but i will do so any suggestions will be greatly appreciated
  2. Found a solution to this there is a guy online who supplies the online activation code. I am now up and running.
  3. Bm technic software is now asking me for an activation code. I had installed it previously on a another laptop but swapped out the hardrive that had the installation to a new laptop. Any way to work around the activation?
  4. Sorry to bump an old thread but this same knocking rattling noise through the steering wheel is pissing me off now and i really want to get it sorted. Changed all bushes and drop links except top mounts, lower universal join and wishbones which were changed at 69k its now at 115k. You can really hear it when driving over cobbled roads sounds like maracas. Despite over 40k on the wishbones mechanics say they have no play? Gonna change them any how Any one know of an E46 specialists in South London?
  5. IGo Above is the link to my Dropbox containing the latest UK map files for Igo Primo 2 and Igo application. Download as zip to your pc and unzip using Winzip or any other file compression software.
  6. Could someone up a link to a dummy proof guide how to use INPA /DIS/NCS Expert with the BM Technic software. I have had it installed for a few months and used it once to diagnose CEL light. However I want to firstly get live data via INPA and when i tried to log into E46/Engine/M54 it came up with an error message. Then maybe attempt some coding later on
  7. PM me with your email address as i have uploaded the latest maps including the FPA file to my dropbox PS Anyone else who needs the latest DEC 2013 maps for IGO primo 2.4 pm me with your email address
  8. yeah most torrent sites have been blocked by all UK ISPs following a recent High Court Ruling off course their are ways around it below is the link. You need Utorrent or similar torrent client then download what maps and files you need and then follow my install instructions. Igo Primo
  9. I agree mine sounded louder but distorted when volume hit 25 and above.
  10. Feeling a slight judder when taking off and i can feel vibrations through the clutch pedal when depressed. Clutch feels soft. 108k on my whip and i have had it since 54k. I have a bad habit of resting my foot on the clutch pedal. So is it symptoms of clutch and flywheel migrating south?
  11. Yashman

    Eonon D5150

    3 working days mine took. Oh, the iPod mode works on the phone now :-) Meaning the ipod interface has been improved on the Head Unit? Can u now access your playlists on the head unit? What about sound distortion at high volume and the noisy fan.
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