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  1. Awesome, if you weren't so far away would have loved to do a photoshoot with mine on the Mitos. lol Thanks dude, they can be purchased from ebay or SSDD motorsport do them. Cheers mate, I'll send you a pm if I'm ever down that way and we can get a couple photos if you want. It's in for paint beginning of April so after then would be cool. Never been to ace cafe so could meet there
  2. Wish I'd known you were in Weston Dave, would have loved to have seen this in person I'm only 20 miles south of there[emoji53] car is looking gorgeous as always, wonder what my BBS alloys would look like on there.
  3. My airbag only took about half hour to do, told them not to wash he car and they didn't. I was in the parts room the other day and they had a pile of airbag modules in so i guess not many people have been to this dealer because it's being renovated. (Westerly bridgwater)
  4. After purchasing new wheels these are now for sale, they are very rare only a couple sets in the UK. Made for MK motorsport by BBS and are stamped BBS inside they are two piece splits in almost new condition. I have two sets of centre caps one standard and one that was custom made by a member on m3 cutters. I had them on my M3 with 15mm spacers all around and they sat flush with no rubbing. They could fit a standard E46 I assume but might need arches rolled. SPECS: Front 8.5j x 18 ET34 Rear 10j x 18 ET28 They currently have Nankang NS2 tyres with approx 5-6mm even tread on all four. 255/35/18 rears and 225/40/18 fronts. Last two pics are how they were when I bought them last year. No buckles or cracks they are still pretty much new minus a few stone chips in the paint. £1100 ovno Call or text: 07738 521393 Or pm on here if interested. I'll get some better pics up of each wheel tomorrow after I clean them. Located in somerset
  5. New wheels installed yesterday Oz futuras Specs: 5 X 120 and 5 X 112 PCD. 10" rear ET15. 9" fronts ET 25
  6. I had the same gtr alloys on one of my supras but in silver with polished lip. Wrote the car off and bent one of the alloys but it never cracked and was easily repaired.. Strong decent wheels IMO.
  7. Looks wicked mate, great colour combo[emoji16][emoji106]
  8. Normal drop links are fine with HSD's but I have broke two already from potholes so you might want to check that.
  9. Yes mate, he met my mum when i was 2 months old and adopted me as his own so he's the only one that is my "dad" and always will be. He's always done everything for the wife and kids his whole life and worked his ass off to become director of an international company all for us. My biological one who I've just found out about was a biker in a gang and I guess he took off before I was born. I just wanted to meet him and know him as a mate for now if you know what I mean. I guess this could go on Jeremy Kyle lol.
  10. I know this may be inappropriate to say, and I'm sorry if I cause any offence, but I think that is disgusting of your mother mate - it sounds to me like the only reason you even found out was because they were looking at getting back together. She probably thought it'd help to promote a happy family if you knew it was your real dad. I really feel for you buddy, and your step dad. I know we're strangers but we're all a family on here - if you ever need a shoulder to cry on, or just a damn good rant, then feel free to drop me a PM anytime you like. Good luck buddy [emoji106] No offence taken mate, I think you hit the nail on the head there. My dad thinks the same thing (he's in Canada also) and said he would have jumped on first flight over to tell me face to face if he knew my mum was going to tell me. My mum just flew back on 21st and packed her stuff and moved out next day to a friends house. She's obviously been planning this for a while which is totally disrespectful and she's moving back here in next few months I think. So long bumpy road ahead I think, my dad is devastated and was even contemplating suicide but I've told him to be strong and I'll fly over asap to see him. Ah rant over sorry guys for messing up this thread lol.
  11. Bit of a weird awkward Christmas for me this year, got £700 from my nan visiting from Canada to pay for my inspection 2 at reddish in February [emoji4] Also found out my mum is splitting up from my dad after 32 years and is getting back with my biological father who I've only just found out about a month ago. So mixed emotions and long road ahead I suppose. Probably worst Christmas ever but hey life goes on.
  12. As per title, need a coupe drivers window switch asap. Pm or text me 07738 521393 if you have one. Thanks[emoji4]
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