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  1. bluey white smoke. yes i was thinking that the fuel in the tank has been there since 2016
  2. Hi I've not started my 330cd for years or driven it. I turned it on the other day and there was a lot of smoke. there are no fault codes, I want to get this car up and running again but I don't want to be chucking out loads of smoke can someone give me advice regards Ian
  3. Hi the solution to these was an earth location under the carpet in front footwell. I simply tightened up the screw and normal service was resumed.
  4. Hi my car has been stood since jan as I needed to take the dash out to replace a leaking heater matrix. I'm hoping to tax and insure soon. Is there any crucial things to do for a car thats been sat for ages? The brake discs look like they're finished.
  5. Hi i didn't realize there was a cut off switch? maybe your battery is totally dead? here is what I do whilst I am repairing the heater core mine is parked up also. I disconnect the battery completely and put it on trickle charge in my shed. to get into the car I use the key in the door. however when locking the coupes or the cabs you have a problem getting the glass to jump back up when you shut the door. I use one of these mini jump starters I open the boot with the key, connect the mini jump starter to the battery cables, I then go into the car lock the passenger door by pressing the pin down, then fully raise the driver window the jump starter gives it enough power to close the door properly so the glass seats itself. I then disconnect the jump starter and close the boot. finally lock the door with the key,
  6. https://workshop-manuals.com/bmw/3_series_e46/316i_n40_sal/2_repair_instructions/17__cooling_system_(n40)/0__coolant_checking_cooling_system/2_ra__draining_and_adding_coolant_(n42___n40___n45___n46)/page_859/
  7. https://workshop-manuals.com/bmw/3_series_e36/325tds_m51_sal/2_repair_instructions/17__cooling_system_(m51)/0__coolant_checking_cooling_system/5_ra__bleeding_cooling_system_and_checking_for_water_leaks/ This is for the 325d however I think you can select your model and find the procedure
  8. My first thought was maybe its the cam sensor however I'm sure this would have threw up a returning code.
  9. In the end I got one from tanya batterys. Its a bosch with 800cca and 85ah
  10. Hi I put a new water pump on my car it is a genuine part. It came with a metal gasket. I used lithium grease but it started leaking when I revved the engine. I'm wondering if I should of put silicone around the gasket first. I don't have any but I have a tube of hylomar blue. would this do the job? I intend to take it off and refit I'm just waiting for some new bolts to be delivered. regards
  11. Hi whilst changing my water pump I've noticed a slight chip on my power steering pulley. I think it must have got damaged when I was pulling the tensioner back to release the belt. Will this cause me any issues? Will the chip affect the balance of the pulley? Would it be best to change it? kindest regards Ian
  12. thanks is there anyway to test the ignition switch. The car operates fine starts first time etc. Weirdly I even get a beep when it's under 3° which suggests the sensor is working, however I get the fault code outside air temperature on my delphi tool. I clear it and it comes back. Also I cannot scroll through the on board computer anymore.
  13. Hi I have INPA and I also have a delphi ds150e clone scan tool I got from china. The only thing I can think of is I had the origional battery for 11 years and it was starting the car but not holding the right voltage so I got a new battery I thought all the glitches were due to the old battery dieing however they are still there!
  14. Hi my 330cd has a few electrical niggles. The outside air temperature sensor reads -40 the obc not working (stuck on time, won't scroll through) window washer bottle is illuminated even though its nearly full passenger mirror not adjusting. Rear parking sensors not beeping at all (no clicking) I ran diagnostic on the pdc and theres no fault code and no issues with the instrument cluster. Also the pdc beeper works when I activate it with my diagnostic, the mirror moves with the diagnostic and no fault code for the outside air temperature! I've left the battery disconnected for 2 hours and still I have these issues can anyone suggest anything? kindest regards
  15. I ordered one from eurocar parts but it was too big to fit into the tray. I ordered one from bmw it was cheaper (even after ecp discount) however the cold cranking amps is rated at 720. Is this going to be powerful enough for a 3 litre deisel? The origional battery was 80ah and 800cca very strong battery lasted 12 years
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