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  1. Rollhard, are you part of the clique or do you just have a sticker? I saw a car in my street with a rollhard sunstrip the other day so I asked one of the RH lads who it was and he hadn't a clue - nice to see it getting some growth outside of the circle. Like the changes by the way, needs more lows though.
  2. Shame about the schnitzers, my fav wheel. There's a set of 19's in E39 fitment close to me for £1250 with tyres on, I wish I could spare the funds. Damn shame about the black vert too, looked lovely! Onwards & upwards eh...
  3. I just got this, absolutely infuriating you can't get to the log in screen, new content etc. I had to search for a topic from google and come on to the site that way.
  4. Ah I see! Might be worth investing in a bottle of ironX, it should remove any imbedded metallic bits, if you wanted to. Either way, I don't know how you manage to give your attention to the fleet, I'm struggling just with 2. BTW, didn't know you had an E46 - I have some catching up to do!
  5. It looks really good actually, are they gunmetal? I had a set on my evo and loved them!
  6. Cheers lads, looks good. Anyone know a source for a decent ACS rep, by any chance? Daz: The E93 looks great, glad to see those ///M badges are gone!
  7. Does anyone have a lip spoiler fitted on an E46 vert, particularly an M3? I'm not sure if it's cool or not these days, I'm a bit out of the loop. Ideally I'd like a schnitzer one, but they're rocking horse s**t.
  8. Aye, 17's will go on a 330 too mate. No issues.
  9. I've owned an E46 M3 for a few weeks now, and here's my experience. I came from a forced induction car, and the M3 around town feels pedestrian, quite lazy & heavy (mine's a vert). I didn't buy it to break any records, so that's cool. If you're looking for a fast car, look at something turbo'd. Apart from that though, I do enjoy a spirited drive in it, I understand now that it's about the overall driving experience, someone more talented than me behind the wheel could no doubt get from point to point on a B road pretty quickly. I used to snigger while flashing M3's to move out of my way, but I can see the appeal if you're going to drive one hard.
  10. I've got a couple of saved searched on ebay, but nothing set in stone. You know what it's like!
  11. & one of the M3 while it got it's weekly clean yeaterday. A rare day for roof down weather in Wales!
  12. The sport had some attention yesterday, it had a new rad & thermostat fitted a few weeks back, then overheated on the way back from the classic & retro action day at castle Combe. A mate recovered it and it sat on the drive since. It turned out to be a knackered viscous fan so that got done, along with an alloy thermostat housing. It got washed & a lick of tyre shine ready for a bit of use back & fore work this week. Altogether in my brief ownership it's had: JOM coilovers Meyle HD top mounts all round Powerflex bottom arm rear bushes Z3 reinforcement plates Replacement gear knob Replacement bonnet roundel 2 x rear tyres M3 front splitter 5mm front spacers Silvertec bulbs all round Fresh number plates Bosch wiper blades As well as the coolant system refresh. It's becoming a decent example. Here's a pic of them both together.
  13. Cheers lads, the sport is Steel blue, not common on the E36 and only really introduced at the end of the production run. I wasn't too keen at first, but you have to grab what you can with these now. I'll get some pics of the M3 sorted soon.
  14. Cheers dude, there won't be much in the way of updates, it doesn't need much. I'll sort some better pics out though, here's the spec: HSD monopro coilovers Wheels recut last year & 235/35 & 265/30 khumos Redish subframe reinforcement plates Storm gearknob & handbrake handle 15mm front & 12mm rear spacers Rear arches rolled Rear camber arms OE LED rear lights Facelift clear 3rd brake light Shortened aerial Alpine / Hertz ski hatch sub install CSL rev lights & top speed limiter coded I can't see me doing much else to be fair, maybe a hard top & as said above a back box.
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