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  1. Well as you asked and I have popped in this evening
  2. I might try and make this one after work if I remember to take the car to work I can head straight up after Will be good for a catch up of those who make it And I have to say I do remember Mit making it to a meet at Bluewater because it sticks in my memory that he drove out the car park with the hood down and it was pissing down outside
  3. Looking good mate, I would refurb the rims in silver will look awesome Did it on my Porsche rims on the Golf from a horrid dark grey to silver and it transformed them Or as I read a couple of pages back you can't beat a good old set of Jade R's
  4. I'm still here always lurking in the background Hoping to make it UBMW next week to
  5. I believe it is so it would be today. I am at Wimbledon Tennis at the moment but plan to try and get down next month.
  6. He is doing well Col So how did he get on today?
  7. I think I just did a small sex wee Mate looks awesome I knew those wheels would suit it and the yellow touches are coolio Can't wait to see it in the flesh soon Do you ever go to that Prept meet at Brands ? I keep meaning to get down there
  8. Never before or since have I woken up to one that good I amazed myself
  9. That is not a bad idea to be fair as I know you will be up !
  10. Might have a problem with getting the Saturday off work! I am still trying but it is not looking good, I will still try and get down on Sunday though and if I can sort the Saturday I will
  11. Just checked and Wimbledon Mens Final is on the 3rd July so I am all good
  12. They have pulled this forward this year from September to July? Hopefully it will be hot! I hope this doesn't clash with Wimbledon Tennis other wise I could be in trouble
  13. That's what i like to see my name is on the list already I will be there what date is it again? I will book the time off now
  14. Cheers mate she is coming together slowly not mad for no modding Yes mate I used Gerry, my old man still takes his 7 series there
  15. Good stuff Colin, say well done to Luke from me I can remember when he only just got his first bike and that seemed like only a few months ago Great result for first race weekend
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