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  1. Look what came in the post before Quick clean after removing Coinholder Finished 😀
  2. Not updated this in a long while just been driving her and enjoying it BUT as she has done so well I thought she deserved a nice present .
  3. Had oil & filter change and new plugs which lead to discovering that I need a new rocker gasket well the rings to the plugs as oil getting past them and fuel filter I bought was wrong one need later one that is £ 35 more
  4. eBay item https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/222279635601 222279635601 type this number in if link doesn't work
  5. I removed mine in each car I've had and replaced for aluminium trim makes it look much more classy , breaks the all black interior up too.
  6. You will need the armrest and centre tray plus 3 extended bolts either from BMW or a hardware shop. There is a guide on here very easy to do . https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/222279635601
  7. Looks just as good as before 👍 Looking forward to see what you have planned for it next ?
  8. Thanks all for the replys got a iPhone se in the end running bt 4.2.2 works perfect with it 👍
  9. Hey guys , Does the iPhone se or 6 NOT 6s work with factory oe Bluetooth it currently works with iPhone 5 not sure what generation ulf module is prob 2/3 max it's 2003 e46 . Anybody have iPhone 6 working with phonebook etc as currently does all.
  10. Ditch the carbon cube and install-brushed aluminium Angel eyes black grilles re-coding aux input
  11. Just discovered that my phone book has copied over as well so can dial from steering wheel controls
  12. The OE fire extinguisher should fit under the drivers seat while the first aid kit goes under the passenger seat
  13. My 2003 OE Bluetooth works fine with my iPhone 5. It's just android I think
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