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  1. Checked with the BMW UK, they cant give the number over the phone for security reason...
  2. Thanks, i'll try to give them a call..
  3. Hi All I'm going to export my car to my country next week. The shipping company need a copy of V5 to get the engine number and chasis number. Unfortunately, my V5 is still in process at DVLA. I've called them and they said it is impossible to get it by this week. So anyone know where can i get the engine number apart from the V5 and the engine itself? Was thinking about HPI check, but it only show the VIN right? Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks for the offer mate. cheers mate. this is the answer i'm looking for. i read somewhere that halfords sell the adapter but dont know how about the quality. :D
  5. cheers mit..but i rarely used (never actually ) cassette.. so i'm after a cd player, so that i can used in-dash cd whenever needed..
  6. Hi Guys, I'm planning to change my original BMW Cassete Player/Changer to BMW Business CD Player. Which CD Player should i looking for so that i can play the MP3s from my iphone? How can i make sure that the Cd player is suitable for my car? **I knew that I'll need an adapter that connected via cd changer port. Many thanks.
  7. got e46 saloon wiper arm from my local scrap yard.. after i put it on, the blade still didnt stay between the wiper guide when i turned on the switch.. any idea guys?? cheers..
  8. i guess as long as its saloon/touring no matter they are 318,323 or 325 it will fit my car right?
  9. Hi Guys I have E46 320i Saloon. I think my wiper arm was a bit bent after wiping a thick ice (forgot to switch off my wiper). The wiper blade always came out from the wiper guide. Is there any difference between 318i saloon, coupe/conv's wiper arm? Checked the part number at realOEM but seems they have same part number. Thanks in advance. Cheers.
  10. hi amandag u could try these bmw specialist called Priory Motors in lancaster. good service and reasonable price too.
  11. i know this is an old topic. but i would like to share my experience with kwik fit. i went there to re-gas my air cond. they asked me to sit in the cust waiting room. but i refused, and i want to look how they doing it. it seems to be OK to stay there because it was sunday. the problem is the mechanic dont even know my car model. i told him that mines is e46 320 with 2.2cc. but then there were another mechanic came and said that my car is e36. not e46. what the h*ll? he keep saying that he is true just because he is mechanic. very funny. how can he become a mechanic?
  12. still couldnt solve the problem.. went to several garages, could be waterpump pulley.. gonna change the waterpump tomorrow..quoted £178 includes labour..see how it goes.. btw, temperature OK, water level OK...but the sounds really annoying...
  13. Hi guys, Anyone have had an experience with engine whistling /squeking during idle? Just changed the belting but the sound is still there. The sound only came when the engine is warm. Sent the car to Bmw Specialist, they said it might be waterpump. Asked them about price, its about £250 with installations. hmm...any comments?
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