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  1. Off Topic Chat Volume 4

    Had a short blast in a 330d xdrive before. Rapid car lol
  2. New Top Gear

    After my initial disapproval, I'm still watching it every week anyway lol. Sunday nights are driery as it is so any old crap will do.
  3. 144k no service history :-S

    As above, check over the cooling system as it can leave you stranded and potentially cause terminal damage. Maybe an oil and filter change if it's looking a bit black but anything else just as and when it's needed.
  4. 330i vs 330d Which one??

    Pretty equal in terms of their pros and cons. I'd take a manual petrol over a diesel auto though.
  5. It's in for a new injector at a Volvo specialist now courtesy of the AA BRC (and a very helpful AA patrol fella, cant praise them enough). Been given a 16 plate Auris 1.6d in the mean time. Not too bad a car but surprisingly thirsty, not checked accurately but it seems to be using more fuel than the D5, even with a duff injector. There's no replacement for displacement as the saying goes.
  6. TBH I can't believe there hasn't been a topic posted about it yet. For me it was a bit of a cringe fest. It could have been so much better than a rehash of what was left behind by Clarkson. At times it was like they'd only changed one or two words to distinguish it from the last show. I was looking forward to having two motoring shows to watch but it was just too meh
  7. Gave it full beans and caused a smog even China would be proud of. Still pulls like a train but definitely needs injector 3 replacing to save the polar bears (and pass it's MOT next month 😁)
  8. Girlfriend's week old HTC 10 👌
  9. Off Topic Chat Volume 4

    Regularly go fishing at this place. Was planning on going yesterday to wet a line but things got in the way. Quite glad I didn't go now.
  10. The Happy Topic :-)

    Just had a notification on my phone from Voucher Cloud saying you are near the Railway Inn, call in for a free pint. Don't mind if I do. 😁 🍺
  11. I'd say get him out but who would replace him? Could end up with Gideon or Boris, or a mixture of the two, created in a lab, funded by offshore investment. We shall call it 'Borrisborne'. 😨
  12. Anyone ever owned a 7 series?

    No first hand experience of the e65/f01 etc bit have spoken to a couple of indys about them and predictably they only seem to have electrical jobs coming in. Probably better of with an e38. Sublime cars. If only they'd fitted an m57 engine to them!
  13. Sky Broadband?

    This was at peak time when you'd usually expect lower speeds. Never had any issues.
  14. Sky Broadband?

    Stand outside a travelodge using a vpn, you get decent speed and can access all the sites you want lol. It also bypasses their 30 minute free broadband limit where you have to enter a voucher number. I wouldn't use sky again due to their bottleknecking. I'm on virgin now at 70mbs/s. Lightening fast on utorrent; 4mb/s+ which is the fastest I've seen on it (personally). I get almost no buffering on Kodi either, only the crappiest sources don't work. Just click the top one and it usually plays lol. Apps on my phone take more time to install than to download even with a quad core processor.
  15. Playstation 3 help

    Tip of the iceberg. I wasn't happy about it tbh. Never going to learn the value of money.