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  1. Nice one Rich! You know it's all about the cinnamon! Leather looks in great condition where did you end up getting it from?
  2. Keeping the Csl's selling my Oem set Rich.
  3. Not done much lately other than sort a few issues with the coilover setup but thanks to Paul that's all done now. Gave her a clean yesterday and added a Xmas present to my key (cant believe how much this key fob cost)!! Next to the vert my not so clean daily!:rolleyes:/> Hopefully my wheels maybe sold this week so the rear matching Ksport BBK kit should be purchased very soon. Expensive few weeks to come tax,insurance and Mot all due plus the brakes! :D/>
  4. Gaz drop XKaLiBaR (Baris) over on Cutters he can help you out with a updated mk4 unit and also the digi tuner, also does the upgrade to the Bm54 which allows you to add your an amps! ChrisC has used him i think.
  5. Yes mate they are! Couldn't recommend them enough!
  6. Gaz speak to Neil at Btrim i'm sure they will sort your seats for you!
  7. Congrats Gaz looks like you've found a minter there! Led's will take years off the back, liking the dark wheels really suits LS. Only other thing i'd change would be the wood trim. Enjoy it fella and take it easy on the winter roads these things bit!!!
  8. Nice looking tourer Aidan! Wheels look quite dark in the pics but suit the car, think I'd be putting wider rubber on them rears!
  9. Cheers mate. Thanks fella have the stubby aerial in the boot changed back to the Oem one as I wasn't happy with the reception! lol cheers fella
  10. A few pics while at the West London Meet today taken at a Cutters meet in London....
  11. Old brakes have been put away in case i ever decided to sell which is unlikely. Few pics I took yesterday.
  12. Cheers fella, didn't go for powerflex as they make the ride to hard on the ///M's.
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