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  1. Love that colour. My first car was a tourmaline violet vert.
  2. The easiest way to do it, is to not put the land rover in his name. Just leave it in your name, and when you're ready to transfer the plate, just pay the £80 and do it. This will prevent your father becoming the owner of your plate, and also keep down the number of previous owners on the land rover.
  3. Looking good! Glad you've kept it.
  4. Feel for you. Absolute w@nkers! If it helps, I have oem badges and grilles. Or black carbon badges and matte black grilles PM me
  5. Btw, OP: You can get S11VE U and S111VE U for £250 each from dvla. Nice matching pair
  6. Dvla will not give out details for the owner of a certain car/plate unless the police request it
  7. I'd get a better advert put together. At least make the effort to post pics!
  8. Not my car, but posting on behalf of a forum member on cutters Car has been STOLEN few nights ago in North West London. Rare 18" ASA AR1 alloys, lowered, Black Reg: YV51UNR Any info please contact local Police. Thanks
  9. Nah mate, Power steering pump, service, tyres, drive belts etc
  10. I'm quite the opposite. Just spent £1000 on repairs and essential maintenance on my 330. I couldn't stand owning a BMW and having issues. These cars are only enjoyable when running sweet. If it was a mk3 golf or something similar, then fair enough. But e46s are too nice to fall into the banger category.
  11. I was joking, but glad you resisted. Lol Keep it mate!
  12. I had mine checked out after I bought it. Only a trained eye kows what to look for (I have no idea where to look) There are no symptoms for a minor crack. I only got the car checked out because of all the horror stories I had seen on forums. I would get it done ASAP
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