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  1. Nice one! Cheers. Have you thought about changing your front bumper grille? My one was all faded like yours and it drove me nuts. I must say it doesn't stand out as much on a grey car, stuck out like a sore thumb on my imola red, but BMW only charge £25 for a replacement and (on the coupé at least - assuming the tourer's the same) front bumper removal is a piece of piss. People paint them too. Yea it annoys me too, I had considered painting it, but I'm gonna put it in for some paint next year, so I'm living with it until then and then I'll get it replaced with a new one.
  2. No worries, when you get it if you need any advice just drop me a message.
  3. Thanks mate. They make a nice addition. The 2 tools I used were a Dye Grinder and Mini Orbital sander, so in theory you could do it with a dremel if you have the patience. The issue is the top of the diffuser where the clips are. The edge of this is much thicker than the standard diffuser. This means it doesn't slot in the groove on the bumper properly, so you just can't get the clips anywhere near locking in. At first I tried making the edge thinner, but it didn't work. In the end I had to remove about 1cm from the top inbetween the clips. As there is no flex in the carbon diffuser it doesn't make any difference that it doesn't go into the groves. Also there are no predrilled holes for the screws underneath, so have a drill to hand also. Now I'm not sure if I was unlucky with getting a dodgy fitting one. As I'd heard good things about them. So you may get one that fits straight on. But it's something to keep in mind.
  4. Carbon Fibre Bits Another update on the old girl. She got me and my better half to our honeymoon and back again without drama so I thought I would treat her to some goodies. When I got the car I had an image in my head as to how I would like it to look. I love tourings and the practicality they bring. It suits my lifestyle perfectly, especially with having a dog. However, when we were planning our honeymoon we soon came across a snag. The dog takes up the whole rear load area, and we had too much stuff to cram on the back seat(plus I didn't want my interior ruined!). Our only option was a roofbox, which worried me abit as I've seen some complete and utter abominations. A little bit of research later and I was set on a Thule system. Not only do they have a good reputation, but they look fantastic. In the end I decided on the aerodynamic wing bars, and the Touring 200 gloss black box. Fitting was a piece of cake, and the box was fantastic for fitting all our stuff in. It opens both ways too which makes loading and unloading a breeze. The shape of the box also suits the lines of a BMW too; Next I wanted to start putting my own stamp on the car. I have always liked carbon fibre but never really had a car that I thought it would suit. After getting the Eisenmann fitted, it really showed up the tatty rear diffuser. The two choices here were to either tart up the original one, or replace it. I took this as an excuse to buy my first carbon fibre piece. I went online to SSDD Motorsport, and looked at what was about and Teddy had one in which was a 'direct fit'. As I was ordering it I started wanting something for the front to balance it out, so a set of Carbon Fibre Clubsport Splitters were ordered. They both turned up in good time and I spent yesterday fitting them. I started with the rear diffuser. The old one was easy to remove, so that was put to one side and I attempted to fit the new one. I will say now, it is not a straight fit, and if you buy one then be prepared to either start cutting about, or get it fitted by a professional. The problem comes with the fact there is no flex like the original plastic one, and the top lip is far too thick. Thankfully my workshop is still fully tooled up, so I took it over and modified it until it fitted nice and flush. However like I say, unless you too have an old body shop in your yard, then prepare for a poorly fitting product. As it happens I managed to get it so it looks factory finished; The front Clubsport splitters were much easier to fit, aslong as you're competent with a drill and screwdriver you could fit them, they look lovely and balance out the carbon on the rear; Next are just a couple of boring bits, I had a rear sidelight bulb out, so got another one and fitted it; I also fitted new Bosch wipers front and back. The rear was abit of a pain because I wanted keep the original plastic look, and the new one was just a standard skinny metal one, and stood out like a sore thumb. So I just dismantled the new one and old one, swapped over the blades, and voila I had a nice new rear wiper that doesn't stand out against the rest of the plastics on the tailgate; Not sure what's next on the agenda, as my other half is entering the BMW world, and hopefully having my old 320d, so I need to get her car sorted. The reason this is relevant is because the idea was to move all the Parrot Asteroid stuff out of it, the dash cam etc and fit it to this car. But if she likes it then it looks like I'm gonna have to start again! Thank you for looking!
  5. Cheers mate, is yours petrol or Diesel? If it's diesel then you won't find the noise intrusive at all. If it's a petrol then it will certainly be louder. I had an Eisenmann Sport on my 330 petrol convertible and it was perfect, and never too intrusive even with the roof down. Can't comment on the race version though on a petrol.
  6. Cheers mate, I'm pretty sure it was Azeem who did the work, either way they were all fantastic blokes. Definitely the best experience I've had with an Exhaust business.
  7. Cheers mate, this is my 3rd Silver Grey E46 in a row, lol. I agree, you'll struggle to find a better quality exhaust than an Eisenmann. I had one on my 330Ci, and it sounded amazing from the get go, but then it was 2nd hand and had already been broken in.
  8. Eisenmann Exhaust Just an update about the exhaust, I had it fitted about 2 weeks ago by Style Dynamics based in Hayes. Now, there are exhaust places much closer to me, but they are such a hit and miss industry that I needed recommendations. I've seen in various project threads over the years the name Style Dynamics, and only ever read good things about them, so my mind was made up. I contacted them through email and told them what I needed doing and booked in for a Saturday. I arrived there at 2pm on a Saturday afternoon, and was welcomed by the staff and talked through what was gonna happen. Even though exhausts like Eisenmann are 'Straight Fit', very rarely are things ever 'Straight Forward'. With the car up on a ramp immediately one problem became clear. The gap between the 2 pipes that enter the backbox are not wide enough to fit exhaust clamps. The only remedy to this is to weld the backbox onto the centre section. Also, the clamp that holds the centre section to the downpipe had rusted away and the whole exhaust was loose. The first job was to measure up the new backbox against the rest of the system so they knew roughly where to cut. This was done and the new backbox was offered up to car. After this was done I was asked to come and look at the positioning of the exhaust, to make sure I was happy with how it sat. Once I was satisfied with it, it was tacked on to the centre section, and then the whole lot was removed and transferred to the bench for final welding. After this was done the exhaust was then transferred back to the car and refitted. While this was done they were also kind enough to weld a new BMW clamp to the downpipe for me. They then spent about 15 minutes checking the positioning for me before tightening everything up. With everything done, the car was started up, moved off the ramp, and I paid my money and made my way home. Epic noise here I come! Or not... My heart completely sank as I pulled off the industrial estate, the car sounded the exact same as it did standard! I thought to myself 'maybe I need to put my toe down abit to hear the noise', got to the motorway, and nope still quiet. I drove the 30 miles home deflated. I got Home and as I opened the gate, the car had developed a very slight burble on tickover. I then googled quiet aftermarket exhausts, and found that sometimes they can take up to 1000 miles to 'break in'. So I thought I'd persevere, and sure enough as the miles piled on, it started to come into its own. I'm 750 miles in now, and I love it. If you poodle along around town, it sounds pretty much stock. But when you put your toe down, it makes a nice sporty roar, with a nice whistle from the turbo. I haven't got any videos yet, as I want to see if the noise changes any more over the next 250 miles. Thanks for looking :-)
  9. First Update Well, over a month into ownership, I still absolutely love the car. There isn't a great deal to update to be fair, but I like keeping a record of everything I do, so though I would do an update. Maintenance wise so far all I've had to do is change the O/S sidelight bulb; Before; During; After; When it comes to mods, even though the car is pretty much how I want it already, there is always room for improvement and personalisation. The one thing I don't like on the car is the exhaust, it's a twin down turned pea shooter jobby. The tailpipes are also looking a bit worse for wear now. When it came to weighing up replacements, the sensible Fred considered just having the tailpipes cut off and some nicer ones welded on. Unfortunately the BMW Enthusiast Fred ended up online and spending a fortune on a brand new Eisenmann Exhaust from Germany, oops! It's a 70mm Race Version and it turned up earlier this week. I've got it booked in with Style Dynamics for next Saturday afternoon to have it fitted, and I'll be sure to have before and after updates!
  10. BMW E46 330d Sport Touring Well after having her for a couple of months now I thought I'd best copy over my project thread. I wasn't particularly looking for another car, I had my E46 320d SE Touring, and I was quite enjoying the ownership of it, it was cheap to run and the touring aspect suited my needs. Then a couple of weeks ago on a Friday, work screwed me over and I ended up working late, which meant the following Saturday morning I couldn't get up for the gym, and ended up staying in bed just browsing autotrader to see what was about. I happened upon a nice looking E46 330d Sport Touring, so I opened up the advert and saw that it was in fact my BMW Indi selling it! I know for a fact all the cars he sells are handpicked and always quality, so I had to go and see it. I arrived and Andy gave me a quick synopsis of the car, it was in fact his Wife's but she wanted something bigger so after he had spent a small fortune on it, it needed to sold. I actually saw this car over a year previously when I dropped off my 320d for some work, and I complimented the owner on its condition. I found out that it had a new auto box fitted in October last year, which relieved me somewhat, and then I was informed of the work that the previous owner has done, which I'll document further down. Anyway, after a nice test drive I put a deposit down and the rest is history as they say. The car itself is an E46 330d Sport Touring(204bhp) with Tiptronic transmission. It's extras include; Silver Grey Metallic Paint Full M-Tec 2 body styling Sports suspension Grey leather Sports interior with Black Cube Trim Black headlining Sports steering wheel 'M' Kick plates Shadow line exterior Trim Electric Glass Sunroof Bluetooth Xenon Headlights 18"MV2 Alloys Other bits and bobs that I have more than likely missed! Here is the main picture from the advert: The previous owner to my Indy was a major car enthusiast and fettled with race cars as a hobby, and as a result the car has had a few upgrades. It's had the suspension fettled with, apparently it's got M3 bits fitted, what though I'm not sure. Everything is polybushed, and set up, and it shows. The car is ridiculously planted in any situation, made even more crazy by the fact it's easy to forget you are in an estate car. The brakes are also mildly upgraded with drilled and grooved discs. Here is how she sits; Power wise, it must have been remapped at some point, as the car is very fast. I've driven other 204's, as well as the 182bhp 330d, and owned a 330i petrol, and this car destroys them. There is practically zero lag, and it just pulls and pulls, when Lauren and I drove it home, neither of us could believe it. It has certainly shocked a few drivers... So after having it for a couple of weeks now I can safely say that I absolutely love it, it's a completely different animal to the 320d. Apart from the obvious speed and handling differences, it (in my opinion) looks the nuts in Sports guise. It's like a cross between my 330Ci Convertible, and my 320d Touring, which suits me down to the ground. To be honest there isn't a great deal that needs doing to it(Touch wood), but like any enthusiast, I'll find stuff! First job under my ownership was to give it a clean and a wax; So I started off giving it a good snow foaming I then treated the wheels to this new cleaner that is like a cross between iron-x and normal alloy wheel cleaner I then used the 2 bucket method to wash the car, and then towel dried and laid down a layer of Blackfire Wax/Sealant. So here's how the car stands now! Thanks for looking!
  11. Do you keep holding the 'roof down' button down for a few seconds after the red light goes off? As you need to if you want the windows to go back up.
  12. I'll stick in my 2 pence here, when I first bought my 2004 320d I had a similar problem, with the car slightly hesitating when driving at around 2k rpm. Just like yours it could only be achieved on a steady throttle, if you let off or put your foot down it would go. Mine turned out to be the swirl flaps sticking closed, once they were removed the problem went and the car felt much better. 2 of mine were jammed on a tilt, so we're just in the process of falling off. Mines the Euro 4 engine like yours, so yours will have the same problem swirl flaps fitted. BMW only rectified it for the 2007-onwards engines in the E9x cars.
  13. Cheers mate, yea it's like a tablet in a few respects, especially the completely buttonless layout of it(expect a power button obviously). Fantastic piece of kit.
  14. Headunit Right I started writing this about 2 months ago, but with various things that have gone on in my life, I completely forgot to finish it, so sorry to anyone who was waiting for it. So as this car is now my main car, the time came to turn my attention to the audio. Basically it was dreadful(Business CD), the whole sound was on par with my Escort GTi I had 12 years ago. Also I was missing having bluetooth, and as my phone is one of my main work tools now, I was getting annoyed with having to pull over everytime someone called. I started looking at the different options, the most obvious was taking the stuff out of my written off convertible and retrofitting the whole lot, screen, nav, tv, bluetooth, BM54 amp etc. The thing is, i’ve had the factory nav in both my E46 Vert and E39 Saloon, and even though its the best looking in terms of OEM stuff, the technology is getting on, and it shows. I then started looking at the Ersin units, as I had read some good things about them, and they look relatively OEM. So the first thing I ordered was the climate control relocation panel. Now I know some people just shove the CC unit into the sunglasses holder. But it doesn't sit right, and if I couldn’t do the job properly then I didn't want to do it at all. I have got the single buttons, so its the 18mm version. I promptly ordered this from Elms, and had it delivered a few days later; I then was on the verge of buying the Erisin, and I saw a review about it and the rubbish sound. I wasn't overly keen going with a Chinese branded unit, purely due to if you get stuck with a bad one, then its entirely possible you’ll end up throwing £300 down the toilet. I didn't want to take the risk, so upped my budget and started looking at the more ‘Premium’ brands. Problem here is the fact E46’s were never built to take double din units. So to fit them the heater box needs cutting, which usually results in having the footwell vents permanently open or permanently shut. There was no way I was going down this road, as I didn't want to lose any functionality of the blowers. This leads me onto Alpine’s iLx-700 shallow depth unit, a high quality unit no doubt, but crippled by the fact its very much an ‘Apple Carplay’ unit. Now while i’m an Apple fan, I could not handle only being able to use their Maps app as the navigation tool. The only other shallow depth unit I could find was the Parrot Asteroid Smart, and it appeared to tick all the boxes on paper. Its based on the Android platform, and as a result is abit more customisable. It seems like Parrot have gone for the simplicity of Apple’s GUI but if you dig abit deeper you can add Widgets, change backgrounds, etc. It also comes with the ability to ‘Sideload’ and app. Basically this means that any android app can be installed via an SD Card. This was the winning feature for me, as I love Co-Pilot as my Nav, and I could load it onto the Parrot relatively easy. So I ordered everything I would need from Dynamic Sounds website; Parrot Asteroid Smart E46 ISO adaptor(With steering wheel feature) E46 Ariel Adaptor Unika Cable(Steering wheel controls) E46 Double Din Facia Then from eBay i bought a few small bits; 3x Right Angle USB adaptors Bluetooth OBD Adaptor(for Torque) Metal Banding(for fitment) I ordered the stuff on Monday and by Tuesday it was all here; So I decided to make a start, and started off with this; The first port of call was to fit the HVAC relocation panel, so in order do this first the radio was removed; The Window switch surround then needed to be removed; Removing this and the sunglasses holder allowed access to the screws holding the current panel in place which then just pulled out; I could then fit the new relocation panel and relocate the HVAC into its now home; Now it was on to the hard part, actually fitting the unit and securing it in the dash. I had read online that you could modify the original radio cage to hold the parrot in place. Unfortunately apart from a couple of pictures there was nothing step by step, so it was a case of making it up as I went along. Luckily I’ve got a whole workshop of tools at my disposal, so it made life easier, but you could achieve the same results with a dremel. Here are some pictures to show what was done; With the cage adapted, I used some metal banding to hold the unit in place. Unfortunately i’ve got no pictures of that part, because time was running on, and I had plenty more to be cracking on with, like stripping the car to run the microphone, GPS, USB cables, and iPhone dock lead; Another hour of putting everything back together, and lots of cursing trying to get the bloody thing to fit with all the cables behind it, and I was left with this; In my opinion it suits the E46 dash very well. After using the unit for nearly 2 months now, i can report the pros and cons. Pro’s; Handsfree is spot on, as can be expected from Parrot. Voice control for everything from selecting songs to apps. Simple interface. Based on Android, so lots of apps. Music player is fantastic Sound quality is brilliant, far in excess of the standard unit Con’s; Only Asteroid market apps are ‘supported’, but you can sideload apps via SD Card. A few minor bugs, such as sometimes the steering wheel controls stop working until you turn off the ignition, but this is like 1 times out of 50. Over all it was worth the £500 investment. I needed handsfree, i needed a music player, and I needed sat-nav. This unit delivered all that and more, so I’m very pleased and would recommend it to everyone.
  15. Hey Guys, intending on fitting coilovers onto my E46 Touring in the near future. After lots of reading up I've seen most people have to fit spacers so their wheels clear the coilovers. Will this be the case with the standard 16" SE alloys? Or is this usually the case for bigger alloys? Thanks in advance. Fred.
  16. I'll be doing a full write up about it over the weekend for my project thread, which should give some pointers and show how to do it. So far I think it's fantastic. It's very quick, and easy to use, it's got built in voice control, so you can do everything from dialling a number, to finding music, to opening an application which out touching anything. The phone side is fantastic as can be expected from parrot. It syncs with the phone in about 10 seconds and pulls over contacts, call history etc. It even notifies you of a text message and reads it out. Also because it's based on Android, you can 'side load' apps which are not native to the unit, so I've got copilot loaded up as it's the only nav software I'll use. I did get the unika cable, and it works perfectly with the steering controls, costs abit extra but well worth it. Even though it's a shallow unit, space it's exceptionally tight, fitting it will make you develop temporary Tourette's! I was going to go for the Ersin unit, and had everything ready, but in the end there were just too many question marks over reliability, customer support, and sound quality. That's what made me look elsewhere, and to be honest if you don't want to hack your heater box to bits, then this parrot or the Alpine iLX-700 are your only options, and even though I'm a huge apple fan, I would not be able to handle a car-play head unit like the alpine. I would say the parrot has got it spot on, the Asteroid interface is as user friendly and simple as an Apple device, but because it's built on android, if you want to customise and play about then you can have widgets etc. It really is a fantastic head unit.
  17. I've just done this, it's not particularly 'simple' as in a couple of bits of fabrication are needed, but it 'only' took me 6 hours from start to finish, and that included moving the HVAC down using a relocation panel, adapting the standard business radio cage to hold the unit in place, running wires to the microphone, and installing all the other gubbins like usb and iPod leads. Works perfect and I'm glad I went through the extra effort as the unit looks, feels and is top quality. If you need any advice don't hesitate to ask.
  18. In America the convertibles are commonly called a CiC. Not sure if this is official or just slang though. A very quick google indicates the C in Ci is for Coupe, which makes no sense as to why BMW would use this for the 'Verts, seeing as a 'Coupe' is a vehicle with a fixed sloping roof by definition.
  19. FAB_BMW

    330D Evil

    Just read through your thread, and the car looks lovely, really nice spec too! I haven't had the misfortune to have to do an FSR on an E46 yet, which is just as well it seems, with how awkward it's meant to be.
  20. Back from Walkers Took the car to Walkers Autotech on Tuesday to have some work done, they did; Swirl Flap Removal Heater Plugs EGR and Inlet Manifold Clean Replaced Gaskets Fitted new style Vortex Filter Topped up diff oil Adjusted the handbrake For the above they charged £140 which I thought was very reasonable, hardly worth me running the risk snapping a glow plug! First thing I noticed when they bought the car out to me, was the engine sounded smoother. Apparently one of the swirl flaps was likely sticking, so really it was on borrowed time in that regard. I drove the car home the 30 miles it is, and it was like driving a different car, miles more torque in every gear. Also the horrible hesitation and misfire I had at 2000rpm has gone, most likely culprit was the swirl flaps, but I’d say everything that was done has contributed in one way or another to the car driving better. The revs also used to flutter abit on cold start, probably the fact only 1 heater plug was working. That has now completely gone, so i’m very pleased. To brighten up the interior abit and make it feel like my own car, I decided to start off moving over the Storm gear knob and handbrake handle from my E46 Vert. Luckily, as this is a Euro 4 engine its a 6-speed like my Vert. It really makes a huge difference to the gear shift and feel. Also they look fantastic Got a couple more mechanical bits I want to address in the coming weeks, but they are nothing particularly urgent or major, so i’ll just grab the bits as and when I come across them. Next stage needs to be the Headunit, as I really need bluetooth and a decent satnav for work, so i’ve ordered a Climate Control relocation unit, and once that is here i’ll think about ordering the headunit(once i’ve decided which one I want!). Thanks for looking
  21. They are pulling a fast one, the car needs to have seen no paint on that panel, have full history, and not been caused by a stonechip or damage. The number of owners makes no difference. Like I've said on another thread on here, I don't understand dealerships reluctance to take on the work as they get paid by BMW for it. The only time Vines mentioned owners to me was when they told me the paintwork they had done was guaranteed for life, as long as I owned the car.
  22. Yea I'll be sure to give you a shout, it's also got the genuine digital TV tuner, so might be something that will interest you also. Cheers bud, loving it so far. I'm from Warlingham, so technically Cooper BMW are my local dealer, but they are crap, so I thought I would try Vines, and I wouldn't go anywhere else now, they are fantastic.
  23. Yea don't get me wrong I like the oem set up, and it was one of my 'must haves' when I was looking for my convertible. But after having it in my e46 and e39, I'm not overly fussed in this car. When/if you come to look for a ULF, give me a shout as I'll be breaking up the convertible in a few weeks.
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