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  1. i could be up for this let me know some more details when and where cheers guys
  2. have a m3 rear view mirror for sale its on ebay at present
  3. yes i would be up for this as im local at present i own a 330i and an M3 so let me know
  4. mine is a 52 plate e46 tried to reset it but no joy i know its something to do with the pushy stick on the left of the clocks tried this but no reset appeared can anybody help ?????????????????
  5. cheers for that mate im in to minds ive had it remapped so il settle for that
  6. which ones better k@n or pipercross replacement filter?????????????
  7. jus wanted your view on what to get out of a kn and pipercross replacement filter ????????
  8. i have the velocity csl being as there genuine but more expensive id go for them if you can afford it and tyres i have 225 and 245 my opinion 265 are to wide
  9. hi mate not sure what you mean i have an oem m3 strut brace fitted using the special nuts that sit inside the holes on the brace and had no trouble at all fitting it infact it took 10 mins and done it in the dark
  10. im running 245 on back with et45 9.5 and 8.5 et40 with 225 and 275 tyres mate are for jcb or tractors pmsl
  11. well still got the schnizers but im liking the velocity wheels
  12. i have ibach pros and 19s with continentals all round and not a noise in sight cheap tyres = problems
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