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  1. Cheers guys. Good to see a familiar face! Looking at BBS CH but unfortunately going to have to go reps this time round due to all my spare funds getting pumped into a new house. The only ones i can find that are of a near fit are those for an e90. unless anybody knows of any others. All the places i used to know of have shut down.
  2. Hi All, Haven't been on here for a very very long time (about 3 years!) i went over to the dark side and got myself a 911 for a few years before i got the M3 and have left it OEM for the year i have had it. I did a little work on the car last month and the bug has been caught again.. About to order some wheels but cant remember anything about fitment. How will 8.5J ET 35 front and 9.5 ET35 be on an M? Am i going to have any problems with rub or are they going to require spacers (that i would prefer to stay well away from) Thanks guys. Lets see if there are any familiar faces still on here from years gone by.
  3. It is an M3 I need to update my sig ect
  4. I'm torn between choices. What do you guys think? Both would be genuine 19" Please ignore the spelling in title damn auto correct on the iPad! P.S these are to go on an M3
  5. I still have the 2012 calendar up on my car month haha Some great pics in there but also some that look like photos off a sh*t PH add! I think the background and quality of shot matters almost as much as the car in there's comps
  6. Ahh didn't think of that! I'll leave that to the weekend and get it in the garage with the heaters on it in that case
  7. Started a long list of mods! Stubby ariel Silver indicator bulbs Smoked indicators Led interior and number plate bulbs Tomorrow onto the paint, matt black grills, red calipers and start the transition from brushed aluminium to piano black interior trim
  8. Ive done a few of the brewferm range in the past, their Kreik it quite dificult to get right and i ended up useing loads of addatives to get a decent taste at the end
  9. Fairly easy, I believe I did a DIY on this forum a few years ago, check it out in the DIY section
  10. It was too dark to take pics of the new m3 by the time I finished work but here's the ones from the add. Really bad quality but better than nothing for the moment.
  11. A few of the 911 as requested
  12. haha its "lemon" leather ill get some more snaps after work
  13. Hello all! About 6 months ago I dumped my Club Sport went silent on the forum and had a 6 month affair with a Porsche 911 but i'm back after scratching the itch and so happy to be so! The 911 was an OK car, nice and quick and held the road like nothing else I have driven but the lack of boot space the constant attention to breaks, tires and mechanical stuff was endless and it was starting to feel tired and loose not to mention the lack of toys you get in the E46. So I toyed with the idea of a new M3 for a while and test drove a few but after hopping back in an E46 the other day I had to have it. Ill get some pics up but the low down is: Carbon black M3 individual, convertible, fully loaded, one owner, mint interior and exterior (not a single mark) Only minor plans for it so far. Anyway guys its good to be back! A teaser -
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