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  1. Ive had a 3l and now have a 2.5l, both good engines. I can tell the difference between the 2, and a 6 speed facelift is a must
  2. I like the look of the pre facelift, it’s just missing that 6th gear
  3. Mark_F


    Spare MV1 wanted
  4. Mark_F

    Wanted - boot mat

    Coupe boot mat
  5. where in manchester are you from? i'm in stockport. Facelift are a nice looking car
  6. youtube is throwing up the diff bushing - would definately fit with the clunk. Still, it's going in next week for investigation
  7. Cheers momo. Ill get it checked out, its booked in for next week
  8. Also one has been put into an e30 tourer. Saw it on YouTube
  9. H4 WPR. come on, who has her now?
  10. Dont think it'd be the fuel pump, its like a thud coming from the left rear and now has a whine/grind intermittently somewhere in the middle. Also, when putting it into 1st gear the same kind of thud occurs in the same place
  11. I’ve searched the forum, can’t find anything related, so here goes... 1st and 2nd 3/4 throttle, there’s a knock and loses all power momenterally, dash lights up then comes back on and can drive. If it stalls it will start on the key. Now done it more than a handful of times. After parking up on the drive, going back out in it, wouldn’t start on the key - like it was immobilised. Held the unlock button for 10 seconds and hey presto. The problem is the knock/bang and then loss of power. This noise seems like it is coming from the passenger rear, and definitely not from the exhaust. any help appreciated
  12. As i remember from the last time i was on the forum. Awesome car
  13. Had an S4 avant, a focus ST3, and an A3 Quattro in the last 4 years since getting rid of the 330 vert, which I deeply regret. So this weekend I got shot of the A3 and picked up a 325ci in imola red. Not a bad motor, it’s a 2002 M sport with a few bits, but drives alright and looks decent considering it’s age. Glad to be back in an e46, I’ll be after a well spec’d 330 next year. Pics to follow
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