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  1. Mark_F

    2002 E46 325Ci

    Imola red, 127k, fsh, 1 key, 12 months MOT, has had discs and pads all round with 2 front calipers recently, new alternator recently, regassed AC. Low owners, i think im the 4th. Has had 2 new genuine front wings and bonnet due to rust. Requires a GM5 module for RCL and passenger door functions, possible passenger window mech (car isn't used often, its gets me to work and back once a week) so hasn't bothered me. Full black leather, AC, rear parking sensors, cruise, 6 disc changer, AUX input. Looking to upgrade my bike so the car has to go. £1600 ono, based in stockport. Whatsapp me and I'll send pictures 07515753886. Cheers, Mark
  2. Mark_F

    Ive got a list

    Cheers Momo, you're a star. Keep them coming though, cheers
  3. I like this, great looking car. Top mods too. I wish i had bought an M3 instead of an S4 avant.
  4. Mark_F

    Ive got a list

    Morning, i am looking for; Boot mat, wheel well liner/cover with screwdown Spacesaver Jack Arm rest Gearknob Dash inserts GM5 module Black floor mats Please whatsapp me, 07515753886. Looking to get these asap, cheers
  5. Ive had a 3l and now have a 2.5l, both good engines. I can tell the difference between the 2, and a 6 speed facelift is a must
  6. I like the look of the pre facelift, it’s just missing that 6th gear
  7. Mark_F


    Spare MV1 wanted
  8. Mark_F

    Wanted - boot mat

    Coupe boot mat
  9. where in manchester are you from? i'm in stockport. Facelift are a nice looking car
  10. youtube is throwing up the diff bushing - would definately fit with the clunk. Still, it's going in next week for investigation
  11. Cheers momo. Ill get it checked out, its booked in for next week
  12. Also one has been put into an e30 tourer. Saw it on YouTube
  13. H4 WPR. come on, who has her now?
  14. Dont think it'd be the fuel pump, its like a thud coming from the left rear and now has a whine/grind intermittently somewhere in the middle. Also, when putting it into 1st gear the same kind of thud occurs in the same place
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