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  1. Clubsport won't start.

    A couple of years ago I thought my started motor was dying (intermittent non-start). Spent a few weeks diagnosing various components and found the ignition switch was the culprit. £10-15 from breakers. 10 minute job. Might be worth a punt? I ended up rigging a push button switch directly to the starter motor confirm starter motor was fine. Might wanna try that to make sure the new starter isn't duff? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Have you checked out the ignition switch? They make the electrics do some weird things when they're on the blink. For a tenner from a scrapper and 10mins work, might be worth a punt? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. knocking/vibration/thumping/wobbling

    I've got very similar symptoms at the mo... The cv joint at the rear of my prop shaft is knackered. I would of thought yours is prop-related too, doughnut/centre bearing etc. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. New member E46 help/advice needed

    You could try replacing the ignition switch, it can cause some crazy electrical problems when it's on it's way out! You can pick them up cheap enough from a breakers and it's a 5 min job. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. clunking noise 1st & 2nd in a e46 330ci 02

    Your centre support bearing has died because of your knackered prop donut. I had exactly the same symptoms, it won't take long til it makes a hell of a racket. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. 325 turbo mapping issue?

    I think the best route to get the most out of the conversion is a stand alone or piggyback ecu. Speak to Simon l pierce (I think) he's supercharged his e36 328 and is running an emerald system. He might be able to offer some advice on mapping the standard ecu and if it's feasible or not. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Hi guys, Don't post on here anywhere near as much as I should, but like to give a bit back whenever I can. Basically, I've been chasing an intermittent none start fault for a little while. After eliminating the battery/charging system, it was either the starter, ignition switch or the wiring. If any of you have tried to get anywhere near the starter on an e46, you'll know how much of a bitch it is to get to and test (let alone replace), so me and a mate wired in a temporary ignition switch to bypass the original ignition system and verify the starters operation. Using a length of cable with an inline push button switch, we clipped one end onto the positive terminal under the hood and crimped a spade connector on the other. There is a little tang protruding from the starters exciter connection - perfect for the spade connector. Now using the key to turn the ignition on, you can now push the temporary start button under the hood to start the car. To get to the starter, you'll have to remove the air box, intake hoses, pollen filter which is all fairly straight forward, and (with a lot of wiggling) the black plastic shield thing towards the passenger side of the engine bay. This is the only picture I could get of the connection, so apologies if it's not very clear. But if you've managed to get to the starter, you'll find the tang. Hopefully this will be of use for someone! In my case, the car started every time from the under hood switch, so starter motor is fine, thankfully! Replaced the ignition switch today, so hopefully I'll have a reliable e46 again! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. E46 330d Hillclimb Car

    Looking good mate! I'm not usually into my diesels, but I'm deffo watching this with interest
  9. Jamie's E36 M3 project

    Wow, awesome progress! Nice to see someone will to put in the man hours and cash to save a classic
  10. What's your mileage & year

    Mines a 98 with 126k on it now. Had it for about 5 years now, running well, just have to echo what everyone else has said, at this age, all rubber bits are falling apart and most of the metal has got the dreaded pox If recommend going as new as you can and basing your judgments on condition rather than milage
  11. Cannockwolf's S/C 330ci LSB in Winter Mode

    Finally got round to reading it all so far. Awesome thread and fantastic car you put nearly everyone else to shame with the quality of parts used and the speed of which it all comes together, I've no doubt the end result will be nothing short of spectacular And just to throw my two pennies in regarding the colour situation, I vote estoril blue. Seems a bit more grown up than lsb, although some may argue not as special. I still reckon it will show off the carbon bits a treat
  12. Jamie's E36 M3 project

    Very nice to see it all getting done properly! Looking forward to seeing the end result!
  13. I completely agree! Unless you personally know the MOT tester, how can your trust that the items he deems a failure, are a genuine failure, if he's gonna make money on fixing these supposed faults?! I know you can protest it/report to VOSA etc, but most people won't actually know what constitutes a failure in the first place. And like someone else has already said, it's all based on the testers opinion, so if its a safety related item, and they explain that they erred on the side of caution, I doubt anything would happen.
  14. Advice needed for buying a 1999 BMW 323ci

    Has it got any receipts from the service documentation, so you can see exactly what's been changed over the last few years? Mines a 1998 with very similar milage and it's at the point where everything rubber is rotting and everything metal is rusting so it would be nice to see what's been changed recently. My subframe mounts have been repaired, before I purchased the car, unfortunately I haven't got much documentation on them. However, I have got the telltale welding marks under the boot carpet where the floor has been cut out for access. So that could be a place to have a check? If the car feels solid to drive, no knocks/bangs/creaks then beat the dealer down on price and go for it I love my 328, just bear in mind, you'll either spend a lot of time or money on keeping it running nice.
  15. Remapping

    Awesome lee! The best way to learn is to have a play... this is a lot deeper than I'd dare go so well done for having the balls to mess around with these things! Keep up the good work