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  1. No...it bloody ain`t....RIP Mr Geoffery Hayes...another legend of childhood memories slips away.... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-45706667
  2. i think "dont panic" has a point to an extent...i was supremely un-qualified to vote having not done any homework on how the EU works,How global trade is conducted in relation to GATT/WTO ect...i voted leave in the end because osbourne was winding me up so much...i made a huge mistake,if there is ever another vote,id vote the other way...what makes me laugh looking back is leave(BJ.Gove,Fox,Davis,Hannan ect) told me not to believe remain when remain said leaving would mean leaving the CU & SM and all the vestages of the EU inc all the standards bodies ...leave said it was all project fear and "no one is talking about leaving the CU & SM"...&..."only a madman would leave the single market"....jeez,even davis said "the first calling point of the uk`s negotiator immediatley after brexit will not be brussels,it will be berlin to strike a deal" If there is no deal and we leave clutching out WTO schedules,waving them around geneva...we are going to get fried...already the 24 countries(inc USA and china) we trade with under EU-WTO schedules have said they all want to "renegociate" the deals,not cut n paste them from what the EU has...and as for alaxander`s telegraph rant about his "vision"...its all guff,he said lets have 0 rate tariffs on everything in and out...so lets undercut our agri & manufacturing sectors...thats exactly what the leading brexit economist patrik minford said would happen,which for him is not an issue and he wants the UK post brexit economy to be 100% services based....and a nations food security?...this is going to carnage and my vote helped it over line....f-ing idiot i feel now
  3. So its looking like we will not agree a deal before march next year....we will be the only member of the WTO to trade on our newly submitted schedules and not be part of a regional alliance or trading block...hang on to your hats everyone
  4. Yeah,i did think that,but its been a month since the tax ran out..its not been on autotrader,pistionheads,ebay,classic cars,gumtree ect...well see,not that im obsessing about it you understand
  5. So i was just double checking the MOT history on our zaffy..and as you do,thought id check my old clubsport as she seems to have been on a private plate since just after i PX`d her..and was still plated in june..so now my old reg no is back to being public it seems the tax ran out in july,the MOT ran out mid-aug & she isn`t insured...looks to me as if she`s gone to to the great e46 "meet" in the sky..shame as she appears to have only done 10k in 4 years & was under 90k...if thats true,then i will mark your passing with the usual ceremonial 18 case of stella.. RIP LR03JJU...
  6. Same here,although i still prefered the estoil ....dont forget CS was 15mm lower than standard...and it`s the only E46 non-M3 that accepted use of the 3 stage "SPRINT BOOSTER" mod
  7. Jeez...only just learned that Stephen Furst(Vir Cottto) passed away in june...B5 was IMO the best TV sci-fi drama of the lot...sad so many have departed "beyond the rim"(richard biggs(franklin),jerry doyle(garabaldi),andreas katalusas(G`kar),robin sachs(Na-Tok),michael o`hare(sinclair),jeff conaway(zack allan) and tim choate(Zathrus)...RIP
  8. Cool...had to do a double take...thought my old clubsport(LR03 JJU) had made it "home" lol....nice pics mate,enjoy
  9. So sympathize mate...funny isnt it,how they always seem to "hold" very strong money and top book price when you want to buy one!!! basterds!!!... oh,and welcome back oh master creator of the best thread on any car forum on the net
  10. ...so agree with the leather seats..civic`s got fabric and at least your not pulling the underside of your legs off the seat every summer...but no aircon...
  11. so what do we know...its finally starting to dawn on david davis that we are not going to get a "good deal" as thats what we have now...the economy will take a dive,inflation will continue to rise whilst wages stagnate..interest rates will be going up sooner rather than later...aliminium cladding,when an "equivilent" spec has been used, has not necessarily undergone the systems fire test although has been signed off as tested.....and the price for 10 house of commons votes is a staggering £1 billion quid(hammond shook the conservative magic money tree)...but pay NHS staff/police/firemen/women ect more than 1%(wage cut every year)...sorry guys,we`v decided youv`e got to take the s**t for the global financial collapse and the £110bn we(labour) borrowed to support the economy from 2007-2010 whilst lettting the BOE pump £425 bn into the "financial system" so Millionaires & billionaires dont lose everything but thier last few £miliion....but hey,its all the fault of those immigrants over thier..coming over here taking our jobs..oh,you mean looking after our old people,serving in our police service,nursing our sick,putting out our fires,picking our fruit & veg,cleaning our streets, factories and offices at 4.00am....
  12. Note to self:if your going to leave the car in full glare of the sun for 8 hours,dont forget to put the gear-knob sock on at 6.00am because if you dont,youll get into the car after work,start the car and try to put her in-gear..then youll scream and swear as a whole layer of your palm gets ripped off because the titanium finish has retained more heat in it than one of the rocket boosters on the space shuttle...farkar
  13. Loving the white thing going on...still working on mine..need a bigger can-opener!!
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