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  1. I watched one last night of a camaro ss....don't know how old it was, program not the car, Edd's great but Mike still does my t@ts in, I hope he's like that for the camera and not for real.
  2. That's a good link....but I'd hate if somebody did all that only to find it's the converter, that'd be a kick in the nuts..
  3. I have the same and will never see that god knows how you manage, I get low/mid 30s on b's and early 40's on a run I don't drive like an arse but not miss daisy either, then again I'm going by the obc maybe I should fill it do 150-200 miles, fill again and get a true figure. I've also been thinking about converting to manual and looking at some US forums, they're not scared to do stuff like that there.
  4. My daily is a mk1 focus 1.6 I'm trying to get another e46 diesel est but having no luck at all I mistakenly put this in the craziest buys
  5. My daily is a mk1 focus 1.6 : ( I want another e46 diesel est but not having any luck at all
  6. Brilliant .......I remember that....fkn great! Christ, don't you bloody start lol
  7. Why the hell do they say this, I've not a basteward clew....it's bad enough having fuel in it without some bloody journalist saying such n such a car's got x amount of litres of boot space....talk in real money ffs!! Maybe if they said "and you fit a decent sized fridge/freezer, cupboard ect" then you'd know......maybe it's me, but it really pi55es me off I tell you, being in this euro crap's a bloody joke.....I wish I could fk off and live the States and get to hell away from it
  8. Thanks guys, I'll see what happens As for Nero.....must be great to be able to not have to drive anything less than a 330 supercharged....whoopdy bloody doo
  9. I must be the only one that likes the wheels, the ones when you got it, I just don't see what's wrong, christ I wish my last 320d had them
  10. On the phones....I'd thought about it as a bit of cash on the side, but don't know, the tactics sound crap, £5.50 basic and the rest through commision
  11. And good news for car maker as they'll sell more as "reliability" will hellish, even worse than now.....the price of second hand will plumet in years to come if that's the case
  12. I don't know if it was here I read it or somewhere else......but seemingly there's a new fuel coming out, petrol I think, E10 (we already have E5) to make cars ect run "cleaner" but you get less mpg so need to buy more (surprise surprise!!) because of another load of eu crap!. I also read that the UK are getting legal action against because we seemingly didn't meet their target for emissions for 2010, and read it's mainly diesels that cause it......so....what the hell do you drive! Is there any truth in what I read or is it bollox and scaremongering
  13. Good for you....some of us have to settle for what we can afford
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