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  1. Light seems to have stayed off so MAF cleaner seems to have worked ? Probably jinxed it by posting this...!
  2. Well just to finish the thread. I levered the exhaust apart as no nuts holding it in place. Dropped the exhaust and ground off the studs flush. Drilled them out and re fitted original gaskets (£30 !!!! ) and used bolts. Bit of a pain working under the car and I did get through a few drills. My advice, get it right up in the air front and back. Get lots good quality drills. M8 bolts. the exhaust side flange also has some rust that had made the holes a bit thin so I welded some extra material onto it to hopefully avoid it breaking in the future. Took about 4 hours but I wasted alot of time fiddling around with various drills and sharpening them.
  3. That's all four bolts not just that one.. !
  4. I'm not sure if you can see on the picture but the nuts have all but disappeared and there doesn't seem to be any thread left to screw a new nut on. It looks like I'm going to have to cut the studs off completely and try and drill them out and replace with bolts. I think I can get access to hold the bolt if not I guess I'll be welding them in place. Bit of a nightmare !
  5. Well I had a chance to look underneath and the gasket between the down pipes and the rest of the system is blowing. But I cant see any nuts or bolts to undo. Have the nuts rusted away completely ?
  6. Can anyone tell me if the saloon exhaust is the same as the Touring and does an auto have a different exhaust ? Mine has started blowing last night. not had a chance to get underneath it. Seems to be coming from the front. I have suspected something isn't right as it seems louder when I go through a puddle....Weird but I'm now thinking that cold water on a hot exhaust might cause some movement in a joint. Is the front joint to the manifolds prone to failing ? I did read somewhere the bolts rust out? Is it much of a job ? I did recently drop the lot without undoing the front joint to change my prop bearings and guido, so it's possible I stressed it a bit.....Although that was 6 months ago now. Any advice guidance welcome.
  7. Cheers Mick, we've had a caravan before so know a bit about it although far from experienced. I was just interested in how the Car would stand up to it as I wouldn't think a 2003 touring M sport auto would be a first choice. As you say I'll RTFM Read the flippin manual !
  8. So my wife is keen on a caravan. Is there anything I should know about issues with the car towing a caravan ? My concerns are the rear springs, do I change them or upgrade them ? Also as it's an auto is the gearbox ok ....I'm thinking overheating and possibly as it's quite high geared would that be an issue. Maybe I should read the manual....Still nothing beats experience !! any advice welcome. You can take the p!ss about the caravan as well, It can;t be any worse than the flack I'm going to get from my mates !
  9. Quick update....Light came on the wifes car so MAF must be the faulty part. I've bought a can of MAf cleaner so we'll see if that cures it.
  10. I'm fairly certain but can anyone confirm that the tow bar for a Saloon, coupe, touring and Convertible are all the same. The only ones different are M3 and Compact models. I have a 325i Touring 2003 and just bought a saloon tow bar so I hope I'm right !!
  11. Sorry, wasn't suggesting Osram were cheap crap. The ones you get in petrol stations and motor factors never seem to last. I had an upgraded wiring loom in my Van which used the original wiring to activate relays which in turn fed a direct live to the bulbs. Maybe getting a slightly higher voltage might reduce lifespan, but I don't thin it should. they were nice and bright though !
  12. Well 10 days later and 300 miles the light hasn't come back on. But haven't driven the wifes 325 to see if that now throws up an error light.
  13. Could it be anything to do with ABS ? Unlikely if you don't have a warning light. Maybe warning bulb blown ? Check error codes maybe, but I assume your garage would do that anyway.
  14. As Above, but they seem to have a limited life. I did get some good advice re bulbs once. So many crap cheap bulbs around. Go to halfords and get the GE bulbs or the premium halfords bulb range. Seem to work better and last longer.
  15. Well I swapped MAF sensors with my wifes 325i Ci, then I read the error codes.....this time just the lambda sensors come up. I did replace the fuel filter/regulator and the vacuum pipe was perished and possibly broken. I guess that would give an air leak and possibly come up as a MAF fault ? Anyway. Looking at the service history it had a new "pre Cat lambda sensor" fitted less than 3000 miles ago in Jan. So might just try replacing the other one first. any thoughts ? advice welcome. I know these lambda sensors can be a pig to get out sometimes. I have some special tools for it so fingers crossed.
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