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  1. Morning. Im looking for a good condition drivers side wing for my facelift touring in Orient Blue.Will buy both drivers and passengers if you have both at reasonable price but drivers one is priority.Willing to collect upto 100 miles or so from South Devon.Let me know by pm or text please 07504 195764. Thanks
  2. Sorry to drag up an old thread but having trouble getting Igo8 to work. It came preloaded on the card with the radio(bought secondhand) but previous owner assures me it has worked when fitted in his car. I select Igo8.exe and then press back screen. Then go to navigate and doesn't load the maps. I've tried changing the path setting but just gives different error messages depending which path I choose. I tried searching for a torrent such as Ivor primo and just a fresh copy of igo8 but didn't have much luck. I did put my sd card in laptop and moved all files from sd card to new folder then reformatted the sd card before putting the files back onto it but it made no difference. So has anyone got a link to a download I can do please? not fussed which program as long as I can get it to work lol. Thanks
  3. Found the answer to both the above now.
  4. Ive just got a 320d ES with no cruise control or climate control(twist dial). Ive got a full SE model for parts with cruise and climate so how big of a job is it too get both working on the ES?
  5. No,more cost and still needs the auto swap so eaier to do the full thing. Plus I know the manual one as its been my daily for 8 months and had had good amout of work on the engine.
  6. yes will be full swap mate. Just the bove I'm not sure on. Done fe auto to manuals on e30 but not e46. Body rough on the 02 plate although I'm still using it for now.
  7. As per title ive got an early 03 320d auto that has swallowed the swirl flaps. Ive also got a late 2002 320d manual with mint engine and box. Ive got no issues with the engine and box swap as I've done my fair share in the past but what I need advice on is the wiring to the gear selector and inhibitor switch? What's the easiest way of dealing with the wiring? Can the loom just be tucked away under the carpet/console or is it best/easy to remove it totally? what do i do in regards to the inhibitor switch?is it a case of bridging couple of wires to bypass it? will be starting stripping the auto probably sunday so good to be prepared! thanks
  8. Driving my 330i yesterday and all fine then all of a sudden battery/abs/traction/handbrake ligit all came on. Pulled up and switched engine off to check it out.No signs of any issues ie serpentine belt still intact. Went to restart it and was just clicking...flat battery :'( Got a mate out with jump leads and it started straight up. Got couple miles towards home and it died again.proceeded to drive/jump start a few more times till i eventually got it home. Now i know its hihly likely the alternator isnt charging the battery. My question is...is the regulator likely to die so suddenly or is there something else inside the alternator likely to just die such as brushes or are they part of the regulator unit?
  9. As for current firmware i have no idea how or if i even can get to it. In the home screen i click setup in bottom left of screen. Then there are few option buttons along the bottom. Audio,display and car info. I press the info buton and it does nothing.Im assuming this is where the firmware info is?
  10. http://www.e46zone.com/forum/uploads/monthly_07_2014/post-26261-0-63900900-1404952041_thumb.jpg I have a post on page 2 of this forum section whth more pics.Titled Which Satnav headunit do i have.
  11. Can one of you guys help please? Ive downloaded this file BMW_APP_TW_4049-405F-0709-L146-140219 to my laptop. Ive used Winrar to extract the file to an empty micro sd card. Now my radio only has one micro slot on the front(all others ive seen have two?). Anyway the slot is is named sdcard and doesnt mention gps although my igo8 sd card is usually in that slot and the nav works fine. Anyway I insert the new sd card and press the reset button which turns the radio off. I turn ignition off then wait a minute before switching ignition back on and radio back on. It goes straight to radio 87.5 so obviously the rest worked but thats it. Doesnt seem to boot up from the new sd card like I thought it should? Basically I havent got a clue what im doing lol. Do I need to do something else? May not be related but I use a USB stick to keep all my music on. This is plugged in(via an extension cable) to one of the Black USB leads coming out of the back of the unit. This Black lead is labelled GPS. I put the new firmware ono an empty USB stick and tried the rest procedure again but just did the same thing and went back to untuned radio. What am I doing wrong?
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