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  1. could p/x with my a,c schnitzers and im only in sheffield ?
  2. it would be low with the sportline or prokit not sure which i have lol.
  3. didnt really wanna have to go down the road of arch rolling again , the sportline kit drops em about 35mm i think so might still be ok
  4. hmmmm think i might just make it by not adding the 5mm spacer on the rear??
  5. spot on nate , do u know if he had arch work done ????? and is there any more pics?
  6. handy offsett calculator that mate cheers . ive just worked it out and i think they would just go on . im currently running 8.5 rears with et38 so the x5 rims are 9j fronts with et 48 , according to the calculator the inside of the rim is 16mm closer to the strut and the outer edge will sit under the arch by a further 4mm this means i can use atleast a 10mm spacer to get the front how i want it. the rear works out at 26mm closer to the strut on the inside and the outer edge will sit an extra 12mm further out from my current rims , which looking at my car i think its possible without arch work . only thing im not sure about is the front wheels scrubbing the arch liners on full lock????
  7. cheers for that mate im already on it like a fox on a bin bag lol
  8. could this be tweaked with spacers? could be a good idea trying to contact the guy with that beast above^^^^^^
  9. if that is the correct offset and width i would be putting 235/35/19 on the 9j and the same on the 10j . its currently not lowered but i do have some sportline springs (or the prokit) not sure which they are.. maybe 255/35/19 on the 10j
  10. just pulled these off the net Front alloy wheels: 19x9" ET48 Rear alloy wheels: 19x10" ET45 whats every1's thoughts??????????
  11. if they go str8 on with no rubbing issues then the hunt is on . nice1 KSG knew id seen a pic somewhere .
  12. yes please !!!!!! they look awesome . does any1 know if there a str8 fit .
  13. Hi, sorry if its been asked hundreds of times but im wanting to know if the 19" x5 alloys would fit on my coupe , not sure on the e.t and width but im pretty sure they're 9j ?? any pics or advice would be great. cheers
  14. ive got a few . this is my sleeve only a few hours left on it now pics were taken just after the dice were done so are a little red. and had all white highlights added now
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