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  1. Got one of these in black , I had a new sliding door on it as the other one broke . Better then cup holders as drinks sit nicely in there and can then use it as a sliding try so nothing's on show. £15 + postage or collection or if local ish can arrange something .
  2. Got one in blue can't remember what blue it's the darker blue , I think the name of the colour begain with a " O " sorry not much help £10 + postage or collection or can arrange something if local ish.
  3. juan1

    330 air box

    As above really air box, tubes and filter £25 + postage or collection or if local is could sort something out
  4. juan1

    320 vert 05 wanted

    It's not Actually me it's my mate . Think it's just affordability best all rounder the 320 I'd get a 330 or an m3 what iv got now. Thanks for the link but its an auto. Said he's found loads with auto boxs
  5. juan1

    320 vert 05 wanted

    Hi im after a 320 vert around the 05 facelift must be manual , any colour apart from red. I live in Kent.
  6. Got a pair of these off my m3 in gray silver colour with glass. Not to sure on price so open to offers pm me or text me on 07769681718.
  7. iv got some csl corner splitters for an m3 bumper or m3 rep bumper £80 + p+p. pm me or text me on 07769681718
  8. juan1

    wind deflector

    iv got a wind deflector in case for £100 + p+p p.m me or give me a text on 07769681718 thanks carl
  9. got a sport boot lip spoiler never been put on the car ,not painted , ready to paint. £15 pm me or text on 07769681718
  10. iv got my indution kit for sale with heat shield,cold air feed and k&n cone p,m me or text 07769681718 wanting around £100 +p+p
  11. Hi mate can you ring me i am new member and i cnt send you a msg regarding ur bry f

  12. as in the titel iv got all these coming off my 330 hard top £400 in phoenix yellow bry f indution kit £100 sprint boost £65 m-strut brace £125 wind deflector £100 all so got a 330 back box £25 mite be selling a dvd headunit panasonic cq-vd5005n "-Widescreen LCD-Panel with 336960 Pixels CD, DVD, MP3 DVD / DivX Playback Touch Panel Control 2ch Downmix Dolby Digital Surround Decoder Removable Faceplate Rear-view camera ready £175 any questions or anything just pm me, thanks carl
  13. i know its no excuse for bad spelling ect..... but was in a rush. will make sure the add it clear. i cant sell it for another month so not in a rush. think ill take some of the bits off. thanks for your input everyone.
  14. im going to be selling my 330 m-sport convertible now but prices are so up and down iv seen them for as much as 5,000/ 5,500 here it is 2001 330 m-sport blue with 125,000 on the clock full service history and loads of paper work. i have got a hard top with it as well an a wind-deflector OUT SIDE led indercators rear led lights led number plate lights m3 wing mirrors m3 rep front bumper scorpion back box drilled an vented break disks IN SIDE/AUDIO cream leather dvd player rockford fostgate sub an amp in the ski hatch Engine dave f indution kit (think its dave f for the e46) what do you guys think thanks dont know if i should put it back to normal or sell it with mods
  15. I do have a hole in my exhaust from where we fitted the back box but it's been like that for 2 years. Mine at 110k.
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