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  1. Update got the car up to temp so the cooling fan kicks in, switched it off and the fan has also switched itself off now
  2. Hi folks Used the car yesterday morning for around 20 mins parked her up and left it, 5 am this morning I can hear a car alarm beep turns out it's mine and the battery's dead as a dodo (brand new bosch silverline) the cooling fan was still running constantly unplugged the harness to stop it, plugged it back in and it carried on again, unplugged it again, jump started the and plugged the cooling fan back in and now it's not running constantly, anyone had and similar experiences thanks in advance
  3. Yeah bud I realised when I was commenting on his wood trim
  4. Got all excited then when I seen you was after wood trim, I'd of swapped but mines the dark wood
  5. seen you up the top of quarry bank yesterday fella bt the traffic lights, stunning Tourer pal love the wheels and how low it is top work buddy
  6. Did you pair do the full flush or just replaced oil and filter cheere
  7. Looks stunning mate, did you you take the picture properly or did you try to do it sly so nobody sees you
  8. That's what I'm thinking bud, his just whacked the cheapest battery on he could find, I've used the obd function and a multimeter to test voltage, turned off 11.52v and running alternator 14.2v, I can get a bosch s5 096 silver for 86 notes so may just take the plunge
  9. I replaced my lower arms due to the bushes going and then had a 4 wheel alignment done, I've since fitted x5 wheels and if I hit a bump or drive on a certain camber it pulls to left so I'd say it's down to your bigger wheels
  10. hi all, I own a 330ci 2001, past few weeks if the car hasn't been drove for 1 day it won't start, I jump it and it's fine until I leave it for 24hrs+, I pulled the fuses 28 and 50 to rule out the fsr, left the car for 38 hrs and won't start, I bought the car off a lad at work 2years ago who replaced the battery when he 1st had the car 3years ago, I've just looked at the battery and it's a raylite I can't find much info on these battery's its rated cca580 which seems low to me does anyone know if these battery's are good or not. Thanks jacko.
  11. Mate I couldn't believe it I was all set for having this car and I said do the tiny bits of work and il have it, I was convinced they would offer 1.5k same as we buy any car but when he said 600 I just stood up and walked out I just wanted to rant and hit him felt really insulted
  12. Mines immaculate and ford offered me 600 lol 330ci 2001 with 83k at the beginning of February, I had no idea they were fetching this sort of money and to think all I wanted was 1.5k
  13. Just a basic one http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/351272815655?nav=SEARCH
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