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  1. most parts like new only used a few times , same as this in the link , will get actual pictures later £45 posted http://www.teng.co.uk/t1220af-teng-tools-20-pce-socket-set-reg-imperial-sizes.html thank you
  2. Mines noisey at 30-50mph , like a drone New prop bearing and flex disc fitted , still noisy So now I'm thinking its either , output shafts , rear tyres , like new but not a decent brand ( federals ) Or a bad wheel bearing , I no the front drivers is noisy , but the noise is from the rear or at least it sounds like it Would be nice to see if you find anything
  3. E46 complete front hub swop

    Yea was only going to swop the complete hub as i got a free one , no noise from the bearing and a decent protection plate , but as the lower ball joint is solid , i will have to buy a new wheel bearing and protection plate
  4. E46 complete front hub swop

    Well I have it a blast today , all came apart really well apart from the lower ball joint on the control arm , which has only been fitted a few weeks , can't use a ball joint splitter incase it messes it up So plan b is to just bite the bullet and do he bearing and protection plate , Can't think of another way without damaging things
  5. E46 complete front hub swop

    the abs sensor is still plugged in to the hub , he just disconnected it , will have to soak it all in some decent penetration oil , and give it ago tomoz , only just had new control arms so hoping that ball joint will pop out easy enough
  6. Wheel bearing is on the way out ( Noisy ) , also the brake protection plate needs replacing , got a complete hub off a friend with a decent bearing , apart from splitting the ball joints is there much else that is a pain or is it a simple swop over Was going to replace the bearing and plate , but as i got this for nothing i thought its worth doing So any assistance on replacing the front hub would be appreciated
  7. Slight judder

    i had issues with mine being under powered , no light on nothing , went to get a diagnostic check at a bmw specialist and it showed up straight away as inlet cam position sensor Could have spent a whole heap trying to sort it , but a simple check found the fault , he even checked all my pipes for splits and cracks incase there were a vacuum leak Would 100% get a check , and to be honest he even did it for free as it was last thing in the day
  8. E46 Rear Bumper Shocks - Coupe

    need a pair as soon as possible , I'm in telford if anyone is near by , got offered some off a compact but the part numbers are different so not sure it they will fit , thank you
  9. Have both these going cheap as they were replaced with clear style , both sets in good condition , no cracks Indicators are clip in type not Screw Looking for £15 for both sets , plus postage or collection http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/203/5tjj.jpg/
  10. Got a surplus Norbar Torque wrench for sale , ideal for fine/small torque setting to save damaging threads or shearing small bolts ( torque setting increased at the bottom with the scale on the other side ) 3/8 sq. Drive Really good condition in its original case , reversible action for ease of use , Expensive bit of kit but very handy , was a spare one so has hardly been used Will sell it for £40 posted for a quick sale , or Collection welcome , thank you http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/202/lwoh.jpg/
  11. output shaft?

    It should be here by midweek , car won't be used much at all till then , so will do it soon as ,
  12. output shaft?

    Had my bearing and guibo done last week , 90% of the clunking has gone , and has made it alot quiteter , but neither were overly bad , the bearing looked ok and the disc had just started to crack ever so slightly , I've got a replacent drivers side wheel bearing to do as that is noisy , Also orderd some millers crx diff oil , as it has a slight leak , so once I get the new orings I can replace the oil and see if that makes much differene as it could be a little low as I'm not sure how long the leaks been there , and it only holds a litre so any oil is to much to lose I guess
  13. Went with the Miller crd Stuff , through opieoils on ebay tho as had a £5 voucher , came to £10 delivered , happy days Once i get the washers i can get it done , after that is the fuel filter as it looks fairly old
  14. thanks for the heads up , will get one of them on order , just need the o-rings , will have to contact bmw
  15. E46 Fk Front Shocks , Real Cheap

    thats my point , just thought someone on a budget in need of a pair of shocks this is perfect for them , even if it got you by 6 months