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  1. Think i may have purchased thats j's exhaust from the guy in yately earlier this year!! Red civic?
  2. To be fair in VTEC it did feel pretty fun, I had intake, js racing catback and eibach springs on mine. I just couldn't get on with not being in VTEC, which as a daily was pretty much all the time lol. I did hear that the flashpro transformed how it would drive though. In reality I missed rwd though. The e92 still isn't a touch on the previous 350z and m3 that I owned, its just more of a nicer place to be as a daily. I won't mention the 5.5 v8 amg I've got sat at home too
  3. Www.Willtheyfit.com May give you a rough idea
  4. No, I really didn't! As a car there is nothing wrong with the fn2 and OK it was fairly exciting when getting through the rev range and hitting VTEC BUT you had to scream its nuts off all the time to have any fun with it and other then that it felt like a pretty average 1.6 family car on normal use. If I was younger I'm sure it would have been a great car but coming from an m3 it was just boring! On the other hand I've found the e92 to be cheaper to run, despite the bigger engine and it still gives me a decent level of satisfaction whilst driving. The only thing I don't like about the newer BMW petrol engines is the diesel like injector sound coming from the engine and the non existent sound from the exhaust (exhaust flap open) so that needs to be rectified!!
  5. Well it's been a little while but I'm back! After owning the m3, I needed to free up money for my wedding this year and wasn't in any position to face any massive unexpected bills. So a Honda civic fn2 type r That was short lived to say the least. Desperate to get back into a nice rwd I had a 350z for a while...it lacked the luxery touches of a BMW but it was set up to be a right blast on the roads! Anyway im back for a deal I could not refuse and I've now picked up a e92 330i m sport. I know its not an e46 again (had my fair share of them) but I've met some decent guys on this forum and hopefully can get back in touch and get involved in some meets again! So hi again
  6. Haha the aerial that you guys made me brake off ended up staying that way! A great mod....from a distance! But I won't be going unfortunately Have a good day though!
  7. I feel the same way mate but in this modern age Facebook seems to be most accessible for most, I just find that there is too much drama lol. Have a good day though fella!
  8. I arranged it the previous 2 years, the 1st year was a poor showing from this group and I had to send tickets out to non members(15 in total), last year we had about 10 cars(out of 18). So whilst poor I'm not sure where 3 cars came from, especially when you Mrd, originally had a pass and joined another group without saying! Unfortunately forums seem to be a dying breed and most groups are organised via Facebook now and e46zone can not keep up, well this seems to be true with BMW clubs anyway. I've had some good meets with this group in the last few years and met some good people who know who they are but I'll not be arranging anymore BMW meets.
  9. Ah that's a shame...anyone know how it works if you wanna pop down? Me and rich are pretty keen on going down but no point parking in town etc
  10. I'll be game for this. Not sure if I'll bring the m3 or not though! And I may have a plus one in a 350z (rich)
  11. I put one from my e46 on to my e60 :)
  12. Looks like our neck of the woods is hogging all the clubsports at the moment! Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  13. Could be the same one I've spotted in blackwater...m3 mirrors?
  14. Nice to see another fboro member I'm happy to do another one soon, what did people think of the location? Or fancy something else?
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