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  1. BMW E46 325i Coupe Have owned this car for about 4 years has served me well during that time, no major issues hasn't really wanted for anything, but have purchased a new car for work purposes so this one has to go The spec is as follows; - 2002 '52 plate coupe - Just over 131,000 miles - Usual M Sport kit but with some added extras - Electric M3 red leather seats and door cards Harmon Kardon speaker covers - Cruise control - Rear parking sensors - Manual box - FK coilovers - Powerflex bushes on lower arms and anti roller bushes - Weighted CS gear knob - E60 gear shifter with new bush - D2 racing rear camber adjustable arms - Brand new windscreen (old one was scratched and it was driving me mad!) - Genuine M3 strut brace with brand new bolts and caps - Carbon wrapped dash trims - Genuine LED facelift rear lights with BMW conversion cables (no lights on in the dash) - Genuine 330ci sport dial rings - K&N panel air filter in original air box - Genuine 18" mv1's alloys in a staggered set up (8's & 8.5's) with 225/40 with approx 5mm of tread left (could do with a refurb was my winter set) - Xtrons head unit with satnav and ipod lead - Upgraded front speakers - Modded the rear window switches reprogrammed for one touch closing. - 9 months MOT - Car is currently SORN As with most 15 year old cars there are a few negatives and these are as follows; - Front n/s front wing has some rust on it - The front bumper has a small scuff on the n/s (this was already there when I got the car and it has never bothered me). - There is a hairline scratch on the rear bumper (hardly noticeable) - There is a small dent in the n/s rear c pillar. This really is hard to spot but I believe in being very honest when selling a car. - The o/s rear arch has a hairline crack in the paint that is about 3 inches long. This happened when I was running 19's - The n/s rear arch has some rust bubbling though - There are a few stone chips on the front end, again not very noticable at all! - Has a crack in the drivers door mirror cover also mirror doesn't fold, rest of electrics are fine I am after £1600 ono for the car as it is now and I think that is a fair price given the spec and condition. I am based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Tel: 07795 547652 Thanks for looking.
  2. Hi all well, had a couple of issues with the bm recently, first of all secondary alarm siren kept going off and can't not resolve this so removed the pollen filter housing in the engine bay so I could get to it and disconnect, so now I can at least try figure something out with out going deaf !! So electric windows don't work, wipers, remote locking and also the central locking button in the centre console is this a gm5 issue ? And has anyone got any advice on the issues I've mentioned before I spend a rake load of money to sort it Thanks in advance
  3. Hi all have a 2002 325ci first of all the key fobs stopped working so couldn't unlock car via remote but could still open door manually via the key. I thought I'd do some checking of various items started with the fuses, took out fuse 49 now the alarm just keeps going off, i've checked the bonnet sensor disconnected it but still the alarm goes off I've not disconnected the battery but as soon as you reattach the alarm goes off, I'm going to send my key to bm keys for a refurb so hopefully this will solve the all these issues once the key is reprogrammed. is there anything else I'm missing or should check thanks for any information or help
  4. As title 2 rear wheels 9" probably could do with a refurb to make mint Wheels are bare with no tyres Put on here before eBay £150 ono Collection preferred but could arrange postage at buyers expense
  5. If you code out the bulb warning light it disables the manual leveling switch, this is because OEM xenon's where auto leveling
  6. Yeah houses do that to car modding, specially with mine, its either no time or money to play about with car unless its maintenance And to the wife.....yes that set of new wheels, coilovers, etc is maintenance
  7. Having a turbo back will be the best option mate if you want power, this option will free up the back pressure allowing the turbo to spin up quicker making more power and will let the engine rev better higher up the rev range plus with remap they'll be able to maximize its potential with a few extra mods ie intercoolers, injectors probably make some decent power
  8. Well I might add one later on so wouldn't want to cut the wire just yet, but least I've got a compromise at moment Thanks though
  9. Changed the settings on my unit to what you've mentioned above, so at least if I am reversing the radio is on but quiter so can here the parking sensors Cheers for that But again looking though all the options available on these units could be endless and half the stuff I have no idea what it does specially in the factory settings
  10. My iPod classic doesn't seem to work with this unit not overly bothered will be getting a dongle and stream spotify on the app, over all am pleased with the unit, although when in reverse radio stops and screen displays no signal I realize this is because I don't have a camera is there anyway I can disable this
  11. My iPod classic doesn't seem to work with this unit not overly bothered will be getting a dongle and stream spotify on the app, over all am pleased with the unit, although when in reverse radio stops and screen displays no signal I realize this is because I don't have a camera is there anyway I can disable this
  12. Well installed my Xtrons S07 is far better than my last unit, which is best sat nav which won't require a data connection, also downloaded poweramp but doesn't seem to work to clever
  13. That's similar to Holland, car tax is much higher than ours, for my mk4 gti was €1400 which was about 3 years ago for a diesel basic rule of thumb was double it, cos you'll use the roads more causing more pollution and wear and tear on the road surface, unlike our UK system done purely on CO2 emissions which is bent cos diesels are cleaner !! Yeah right !!! Diesel is a by product of refining petrol so was classed as a cheap fuel for farmers etc then the government said it was a greener fuel source so we'll give you tax breaks on car tax but then hiked the tax/price on the actual fuel
  14. Don't think I could justify spending that amount of money on car tax on a 330 think it would definitely have to be an m3 to make me feel like I'm getting my monies worth !!!
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