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  1. looks just like a bloke I used to work with at Huddersfield years ago at lees body shop.
  2. I know this is random but who's the bloke in the last pic,I'm sure I know that bloke from somewhere? This motor is something else buddy,it's going to be a shame to get any sort of muck/dust on it.
  3. Conversions are easy to do right when you're using a bigger lump designed for the same body shell, seems common with the E30 [emoji20] It's not so much the government loosing tax money that annoys me, (they're loosing enough of that now thanks to hybrid technology) it's the fact they don't have valid insurance if/when they crash into you..... Agreed.. That's the only thing i'd be worried about too.. But it's such a small percentage of the cars on the roads in the UK, i'd imagine the statistical chances of them ever hitting me are pretty minuscule. I'd bet there's more chance of an totally uninsured driver hitting me. Either way, my fault or not, insured or not - if I report any sort of incident to my insurance company MY premium is going to go up, so why bother? lol. Had it happen to me,thought I was doing the right thing when another driver hit me,then came the renewal with the claim on,said no fault no Cost but still put aclaim on there won't be doing that again.
  4. Get your self AA or RAC cover with mechanical parts break down cover as they pay the first £500 AA/£600 RAC.i have it on all my cars,AA just been out to daughters car as wouldn't start,turns out it was the Alternater what had seized,they fitted a brand new one(not reconditioned) all she had to pay was the £35 excess for a £210 Alternater you can't go wrong.
  5. Not seen pinstripe like that in a long time,I remember when every one wanted them putting on there new cars,well them and the bird kit they used to call them for the jeeps. I don't blame you for not taking it out in this weather,summer will be here before you know it.
  6. It's turned out amazing so far buddy,the attention to detail is unreal bet you can't wait for the first run out,you'll be wiping the wheel arches clean every time you came back now lol. Well done buddy
  7. sag2

    Black Box!

    I worked for the council (self employed I actually worked lol) they had them installed,I know a couple of lads got one of them scrambler things what plug in your cig lighter socket,they got called in the office a week later with a warning.like above if your not using it for the wrong reasons leave it well alone.
  8. Can't moan too much at my broker,when I get my renewal from the insurance company he puts me with its always followed by one from him with the proper quote as you could say,hence been with him now for over 10 years
  9. You have to take into account it's been really cold and damp on a night,it froze my daughters alternater and sized it in a week of been stood.
  10. Couple of inch a snow here hope it carries on
  11. Swb ford transit van,got some right deals on them,cheap to run and good mpg,oh and the best bit is they drive like a car.
  12. Just had all this till I told em I'm not knocking and asking them to move no more from in front of the drive,just going to reverse out,by the way it's a 1997 landcruiser so don't think il feel it,and guess what,no more parking in front of the drive lol.bit bad when you have to lower your self to this when its a drive way.
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