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  1. Got everything for the 330 now and we'll be on the ramp i guess for a good couple of hours doing the cooling system refresh, also going to do an engine oil change along with the diff oil I cant post anymore photos as i've reached the max allowance ?
  2. No problem, i just wanted to change it as i'm reading they fail so just playing safe
  3. I know hence i'm looking for options to replace the pulley other than the aluminium one i've found
  4. I've bought the OE water pump, this thread was to replace the plastic pulley the belt runs on that fits onto the water pump
  5. Possibly its ok but usually one reason to get it made in China and that;s cheaper, i've seen on a video a Gates kit and the casting for the Tensioner is nothing like the original.
  6. Already did but they're twice the price of the carparts places, i bit the bullet and OE hoses are waiting to be collected from my local BMW dealer, i got 20% off all the OE parts i've bought. The two main hoses that got to the stat are £74 and £61. On GSF they are £25 and £30 but unknown make
  7. I bought OE this morning, some hoses i found on my search listed as OEM when clearly they're not and a few like on GSF just listed as standard hoses whatever that means, the cheapies might very well last but i'm not taking the chance.
  8. If i replace the 5 hoses on my 330Ci with discount from BMW its £233 !!!!! Any other good options out there, OEM appears to be Rein but only buy from the USA unless someone knows better
  9. Looks like a great road trip, some fantastic photos, thanks for sharing
  10. Didn't see this in the list, sorry if i missed it https://www.online-parts.co.uk/bmw-spare-parts/Catalog_14000.html
  11. Anyone replaced the plastic water pump pulley for an aluminium version ? Any recommendations I've found a very nice one but £50 with the postage is a tad steep as i'm not to fussed about it being motorsport derived https://mp-uk.com/bmw/3-series/e46-1998-to-2003/ecs-tuning-aluminum-water-pump-pulley-e36-e46/
  12. I have a very nice 330Ci which is my second one and all of the above are spot on, had this one for over 6 years now with only a few problems but i did look around for a while before buying it, i paid over the odds for it but it was way better than most i looked at. It had done 46,000 miles when i bought it in 2013. It's an 04 and now done 78,000 miles, here's it's history to date, all the cooling parts are being replaced as preventative action but the cap on the expansion tank does have a slight leak. Dec 2013 New battery fitted and a new drivers door locking mechanism OE May 2014 New front lower control arm bushes fitted OE along with oil & filters change Shell Helix fully syn and rear brake pads. Complete new drivers door mirror fitted due the common wiring ribbon breaking OE April 2015 Passenger airbag recall done at Sytners Oct 2015 Professionally refurbished both front brake calipers inc new pads and brake fluid change March 2016 Oil level sensor OEM replaced along with oil & filter change May 2016 Fitted 18" staggered fitment Racing Dynamics RD2 alloys 18x8 and 18x9 Dec 2016 Fitted the Stealth HID kit from HIDS4U, 35W 5000K Sept 2017 Drivers airbag recall done at Sytners Sept 2017 Replaced Cam cover seal kit OE, Crank case ventilation kit OE, NGK BKR6EQUP plugs, pollen filter, air filter, front brake hoses Sept 2017 Four wheel alignment done at Silverline wheels & tyres Warwick Sept 2017 Wheels refurbished along with 4 new Vredestein Ultac Vorti tyres fitted, last 3 photos taken after the refurb with a brighter silver powder coat Nov 2017 Gearbox ATF changed at Transmission Technology Knowle Solihull Nov 2017 Key refurbished by the Master Locksmith Dec 2018 Oil filter housing O ring replaced Aug 2019 Discs & pads all round & hand brake shoes Oct 2019 Radiator, Water pump & ECS Tuning Aluminium pulley, Expansion tank, sensor & cap, Viscous coupling, A/C belt, AUX belt, Tensioners, Pulleys, Hoses, Coolant
  13. I just found this thread so thought i'd post up in it, just doing the cooling system on my 330 Ci At the moment i've gone for OE tank, cap & sensor, OE water pump (no exchange on these according to BMW) Nissens Radiator & Febi Bilstein viscous coupling Undecided on hoses and other parts
  14. Had the car on the ramp 2 days ago to fit new rear discs pads and hand brake shoes, whilst we did that we popped the under tray off and had a close look at the expansion tank, rad, hoses etc everything bar the tank looked in very good condition. Looks like its got a very slight leak so its off the road till its replaced. Popped into Sytners and got good discount on the Water pump, expansion tank, cap, sensor & thermostat Nissens radiator will also be fitted along with new belts and pulleys. Will be changing the viscous coupling to a Febi Bilstein as that seems to have very little resistance
  15. I hadn't factured in the crank pulley ffs lol
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