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  1. Not sure where you'd be if involved in an accident
  2. I guess the only proviso would be it needs to be localish to where you live.
  3. You just need to be insured to drive to the MOT
  4. I love them Had 2 E34 B10 3.5's an E28 B10 3.5 and the E36 B3 3.2 Switchtronic convertible
  5. dunk1

    MOT time

    Almost got an advisory 😲 Front reg plate has got a stone chip in it so easily fixed Another pass and very happy with the condition of the underside
  6. Another one to watch https://www.carandclassic.com/auctions/2001-bmw-alpina-b3-33-e46-nrRXxn?fbclid=IwAR1RKopGVgU7MHmLx2XLNVre51zra-fdTPxxaSNwfAbx19jJvIQs04KZ2kQ I had its predecessor the E36 B3.2 switchtronic
  7. The headlights look the same as mine which are halogen Agreed strange with it having tape deck, mine has CD player and multidisc in the boot but also no heated seats The soft top doesn't look great either
  8. SOLD for £8600 which is nice to see My 82k car should be £6k all day long I'd have thought
  9. Watching this with interest https://www.carandclassic.com/auctions/bmw-e46-330ci-m-sport-convertible-4wBpxn
  10. dunk1


    Fitted the bulbs yesterday and The Philips White vision 4200k H7 pack I bought off Ebay came with two matching side light bulbs so I used those instead of the Osram side lights A lot whiter than stock for sure so I'm happy with the result
  11. dunk1


    No 2 on the diagram https://www.online-parts.co.uk/bmw-spare-parts/Catalog_14000.html?fztyp=BW52&fztyp_mospid=47605&catalog_cat=51&bildtaf_btnr=51_3275&bildtaf_hg=51&year=2004&month=05#sub
  12. dunk1


    Sits behind the kidney grills and goes down to the bottom of the bumper I doubt you'd get it out without the bumper coming off but that should be easy enough
  13. dunk1


    Bulbs ordered Osram cool blue 4000k for the side lights and Philips White vision 4200k for the mains Also looking at replacing the front air duct as mines broken, £61.24 inc vat on BMW's online catalogue. I'm guessing thats a bumper off job ?
  14. dunk1


    Less yellow will do, HIDS4U sent me a list of compatible main beams and an LED side light The mains are way more than I want spend Side lights are 6000k ice white, 501 Ring Premium LED 12V W5W Canbus Wedge Bulbs (Pair) £14.99
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