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  1. dunk1

    HV05 LWH

    The bit about not releasing the service info is rubbish, i've checked plenty of cars out that ive been looking to buy using the main dealers, saved me several times from buying cars with dodgy history or worse
  2. The coolant tank is a potential problem on the E46 but saying that so is the water pump pop on autotrader etc and search cars similar to yours is a good starting point webuyanycar.com value you it at £500 so at rock bottom its worth that
  3. Wheel balance occurs around this speed, maybe go somewhere else and get the balance checked I've done this in the past, get them to check them as they come off the car to see what the machine says they are now
  4. dunk1

    FOC parts

    Anybody want the radiator, thermostat and two main hoses that i've taken off my 78,000 mile 04 reg 330Ci auto. Free of charge but collection only. My car was running fine before these items were refreshed and no coolant issues, the parts all look in good order
  5. Got everything for the 330 now and we'll be on the ramp i guess for a good couple of hours doing the cooling system refresh, also going to do an engine oil change along with the diff oil I cant post anymore photos as i've reached the max allowance ?
  6. No problem, i just wanted to change it as i'm reading they fail so just playing safe
  7. I know hence i'm looking for options to replace the pulley other than the aluminium one i've found
  8. I've bought the OE water pump, this thread was to replace the plastic pulley the belt runs on that fits onto the water pump
  9. Possibly its ok but usually one reason to get it made in China and that;s cheaper, i've seen on a video a Gates kit and the casting for the Tensioner is nothing like the original.
  10. Already did but they're twice the price of the carparts places, i bit the bullet and OE hoses are waiting to be collected from my local BMW dealer, i got 20% off all the OE parts i've bought. The two main hoses that got to the stat are £74 and £61. On GSF they are £25 and £30 but unknown make
  11. I bought OE this morning, some hoses i found on my search listed as OEM when clearly they're not and a few like on GSF just listed as standard hoses whatever that means, the cheapies might very well last but i'm not taking the chance.
  12. If i replace the 5 hoses on my 330Ci with discount from BMW its £233 !!!!! Any other good options out there, OEM appears to be Rein but only buy from the USA unless someone knows better
  13. Looks like a great road trip, some fantastic photos, thanks for sharing
  14. Didn't see this in the list, sorry if i missed it https://www.online-parts.co.uk/bmw-spare-parts/Catalog_14000.html
  15. Anyone replaced the plastic water pump pulley for an aluminium version ? Any recommendations I've found a very nice one but £50 with the postage is a tad steep as i'm not to fussed about it being motorsport derived https://mp-uk.com/bmw/3-series/e46-1998-to-2003/ecs-tuning-aluminum-water-pump-pulley-e36-e46/
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