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  1. dunk1

    Wiper blades

    Yes they take the pee and now ive seen the new blade and how it clips on i could of bought SP22/20s and saved a large chunk but hey ho its done now They just arrived sadly one of the Range Rover blades is missing which im just trying to sort out now
  2. dunk1

    Wiper blades

    Bosch Super Plus Specific Wiper Blade Set Sp23/20S With Spoiler On Rh Side Bosch Super Plus Universal Wiper Blade Sp18 x 2 Voucher/Promo Code APPLY Voucher/Promo Code ( Summer Sale! - 15% Off Car Parts ) Sub Total: £ 44.04Coupon Benefit: - £ 6.61Grand Total (inc VAT): £ 37.43
  3. dunk1

    Wiper blades

    £37.43 on carparts4less
  4. dunk1

    Wiper blades

    Just gone on ECP to order them and put in WIPER50 code and got bigger discount and now paying £37.37 for the two sets
  5. dunk1

    Wiper blades

    I can get both sets in Bosch for £44 delivered from ECP SP23/20s for the BM and SP18 for the Range
  6. dunk1

    Wiper blades

    Yes i don't do the miles so more down to the rubber perishing, my Range Rovers are scrap and only done 9,000 miles but 5 yrs old, the BM's aren't as bad but thought it would be nice to have new on my new screen
  7. dunk1


    Think its been like this for few years from what i hear, i'm not to fussed, it cost me the excess of £100, i doubt there's much difference between a screen from BMW or the one i have other than the sunvisor strip
  8. dunk1

    Wiper blades

    How do you find those, mine have the aerofoil on the drivers side
  9. dunk1


    Yes its aftermarket, insurance wouldn't fit OE in such an old car, think a genuine screen from BMW is getting on for £300 It has the sensor fitting the same as my OE screen that came out and a matching green tint
  10. dunk1


    New screens in and came with a top tint sunvisor strip
  11. Any recommendations Is there anything special or are they just the standard U hook type, i'm seeing huge variation in price from what looks the same Bosch SP23/20S for £24 and then i see Bosch SP22/20S for under £14 My drivers side has the aerofoil spoiler attached https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/151657354473?ul_noapp=true ebay says these wont fit https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-3-SERIES-E46-320D-325I-328I-330D-330I-BOSCH-SUPER-WIPER-BLADES-SET-SP23-20S/402175794036 the seller says these fit but ebay says they dont ?
  12. New windscreen going in today. Came out to find a crack running from the top right nearly all the way down to the bottom left
  13. I'd just get it checked by a garage/mechanic that knows what their doing
  14. Quite impressive for a battery to do that long, i leave mine 24/7 when not using it plugged into a CTEK charger, works perfectly up till now, do the same with my classic Range Rover, the BMW has a 5/6 year old Varta battery and the Range has a 5 year old Bosch battery
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