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  1. Might be the GM5 module, see: If it is the GM5 module then probably just needs some relays replaced within the module. My recommendation is that you have the module repaired, which costs about £60. A Google search should provide info on how to remove the module located behind the glove box and also provide information about people who provide a GM5 module repair service local to you.
  2. As the title states, the roof doesn't work properly if the engine is running. One of the following three things happens: 1. Roof doesn't move at all when pressing the open roof button, solid red light 2. Roof unlocks from windscreen and moves back a couple inches before getting stuck 3. Roof unlocks from windscreen and retracts quite a bit, the rear compartment door opens but the roof gets stuck before entering What's really strange is that if the engine is off, so key in ignition position 1 or 2, then the roof goes down and back up again no problem. If there was a broken wire, I wouldn't expect it to work in any case regardless of whether engine is running or not. I suspect something else is going on. Anyone any ideas?
  3. Closed the roof manually and used the close button for the very last stage of closure where the roof locks into the windscreen. No red light after full closure. Cleared the fault codes. Tried to open the roof and it got stuck half way down. Used the close button to get back to full closure. I think it's the same problem as this:
  4. Cleared the fault codes and only this one remained: _________________________________________ 22 Switch , cowl unlocked , short to ground or open circuit _________________________________________ Not sure if this indicates a relay needs replacing or that there's a broken wire.
  5. Finally read the fault codes, see below: _______________________________ 1E Switch , cowl locked , voltage undefined 27 Switch , convertible-top comp. lid , left , locked , voltage undefined 22 Switch , cowl unlocked , short to ground or open circuit 13 Close control button permanently active 12 Open control button permanently active 23 Switch , convertible-top comp. lid , right , locked,voltage > 2.5v _______________________________ Can anyone decipher this for me?
  6. Thanks Aamir for reminding me about the workshop manual. Completely forgot that I had it and to check it. So far, I've checked a few basic things... The relevant fuse in the fuse box is good, the car battery is good and there's plenty of hydraulic fluid in the roofs pump located in the boot. Still no clue what the problem is. Need to get the fault codes read, that should shed some light. Is there a plug and play fault code reader that can read the CVM II? I think this is one of the most difficult problems to diagnose, without reading the fault codes, as the automatic soft top depends on so many things to function properly. At the moment, I'm guessing it's a broken wire or a problem with the CVM II, but it could easily be a problematic motor or sensor. Gonna go do some more reading/research...
  7. A quick update on this... Covered the car with a tarpaulin to prevent it filling with rain water. There's also a section in the manual about closing the roof manually, so might make use of that info. My main focus now is figuring out the root cause of the problem. Any ideas based on the symptoms? Hydraulic pump motor? CVM? GM5? Something else? Obviously need the fault codes read.
  8. As the title states: the roof won't close. More specifically, when the close button is held down the compartment containing the roof opens, the folded roof moves a few inches but then stops abruptly and remains stuck in this position until the open button is pressed and the roof goes back to the fully open position with the compartment closed. Some background... The roof has been playing up over the last few day's in particular the roof would open, but wouldn't close. Switching the car on and off seemed to help, but that trick isn't working any more. I'd appreciate your input on what the problem might be and instructions on how to sensibly close the roof before it starts raining!
  9. Yeah, my original BMW battery was also very good; lasted many years. It's the replacement from BMW I wasn't happy with since it only lasted a few months. The quality of their batteries has gone down hill over the years in my opinion. Anyhow, feel free to flush your hard earned cash down the drain if you wish. Bosch, all day long!
  10. I'm not aware of any problems with Bosch batteries. Is anyone else aware of these? "With BMW I can take it to the dealer for immediate rectification" This is nonsense and not my experience with BMW's problematic battery at all. First of all, if you take back just the battery they'll refuse it and insist you bring it back on the vehicle so they can run some tests to determine if there is a fault with your vehicle that's causing the drain or if it's the battery itself that's faulty. If it is determined by them that there is a fault with your vehicle, and not the battery, you will incur the costs of their tests. Anyhow, it's your hard earned cash and you may do with it as you please. I'm in agreement with the others that have also recommended Bosch, this is based on my own experience.
  11. Don't waste any money on crappy, problematic, batteries from BMW. For anyone in need of a new battery for their E46, I strongly recommend you go for a Bosch. See also my post on the following thread: http://www.e46zone.c...th-obc-options/
  12. Don't waste any money on crappy, problematic, batteries from BMW. For anyone in need of a new battery for their E46, I strongly recommend you go for a Bosch. See also my post on the following thread: http://www.e46zone.com/forum/topic/47958-flat-battery-cause-can-you-check-with-obc-options/
  13. Not sure where to put this question really, but it is in the spirit of keeping an e46 protected... I'm after a new set of steel hinged doors for my garage, but not sure where to get them for a decent price. The opening is approximately 2m high by 3m wide so each door needs to be 2m by 1.5m. Not looking for anything fancy, just that they're solid and can open and close. Can anyone provide some advice on where to get some made to measure steel hinged doors for a reasonable price? I'd also be interested to hear about alternatives to steel hinged door recommendations if anyone has one.
  14. Here's my advice: 1. Take it to a hand car wash and tell them to wash the roof Shouldn't cost more than £10 inside out + roof 2. Get yourself a decent car cover, see http://www.e46zone.com/forum/topic/48752-outdoor-car-cover-for-e46-convertible/#entry773573 The brush advice above is spot-on.
  15. Went for a stormforce cover-zone car cover in the end, as recommended above. Tested it through the wet winter months. Quite pleased with its performance. Keeps the car sparkling. Would recommend to others. Pricey, but worth it.
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