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  1. Looking to buy a new car soon and have been considering the bmw 3 series e46 coupe or saloon. I have £3000 to spend and want to get as good an example as possible. I love the msport ones so will go for one of them if I find a good enough one. I will definitely be buying a manual car and want a full leather interior. I am considering the 318i, 320i and 325i and was wondering what common problems relate to these engines and the e46 in general ? Any buying advice ? Thanks
  2. Hi guys, Got a cd changer magazine and some jet black door handles. Both items are in excellent condition and perfectly usable. Door handles - finished in jet black - £20 posted
  3. Hi, Had a clearout and stumbled across some BMW 3 Series E46 parts i have lying about. All are in excellent condition. If you are interested in any parts let me know cheers. BMW 316i brake master cylinder. In excellent working order - £30 posted BMW 3 Series E46 doorhandles. Finished in jet black. £25 posted BMW 316i maf sensor. In excellent working order. £20 posted
  4. Yeah headgasket would be the worst it could be. Im beginning to think coilpack, ht leads or even spark plugs. I think its defo worth a punt as its really cheap lol
  5. Hi guys, Im considering buying a 51 plate BMW 318i. The guy has told me that it is misfiring therefore causing it to run badly and the eml is on. He has not had the car checked out and apparently this fault has just occured. From experience what do you guys reckon it could be ? Best and worse case scenerio's please cheers.
  6. Thats a lovely motor. Im after something like myself
  7. Hi guys, For a while i have been thinking about buying a BMW 3 series. Initially i was going to buy a E90 however i have noticed how cheap the E46's are in comparison (more than half the price in some instances - with more kit). I have £2000 to spend on a E46. Furthermore, i am pretty much spoiled for choice which is always a good thing. I want to go for a petrol model purely because i dont do alot of miles and i have heard horror stories about the diesels with their swirl flaps (i appreciate these can be blocked but petrol is much cheaper to buy). As a young driver, i would either go for a 318i or 320i (purely because of insurance purposes). Have you guys got any pointers for me about buying one of these cars ? Ideally id like to get a hold of one with a full leather interior, mileage under 100k and in very good condition. Is there any common problems with the 318i or 320i ?
  8. Got these parts lying about doing nothing so thought perhaps they would be useful to someone BMW 3 Series E46 msport rear fin (spoiler). In excellent condition and finished in schwartz 2 black, £35 posted BMW 3 Series E46 saloon door handles. In excellent condition - finished in schwartz 2 black. £25 posted
  9. Have some BMW parts for sale. I wll listen to offers too. Based in Glasgow BMW 3 Series E46 handle set with drivers door lock, boot lock and key. Excellent condition. £25 posted BMW 3 Series E46 MAF Sensor. Excellent condition and working order. £20 posted BMW 3 Series E46 brake master cylinder. In excellent working order and condition. £30 posted BMW 3 Series E46 oil pan gasket - brand new. £5 posted
  10. BMW 3 Series E46 Msport rear fin finished in Schwartz 2 paintwork. In excellent condition. £40 posted
  11. Got these parts for sale which were removed from my BMW 3 series E46. BMW 3 Series Msport rear fin in excellent condition. The fin is finished in schwartz 11. £40 posted BMW 3 Series E46 CD magazine in excellent working order. £15 posted BMW 3 Series E46 doorhandles in excellent condition. £25 posted **WILL GET PICTURE SOON** BMW 3 Series E46 lock set. The lock set includes the drivers door lock and rear boot lock with bmw key. £20 posted **WILL GET PICTURE SOON** BMW 3 Series E46 brake master cylinder. The part is in excellent working order £30 posted BMW 3 Series E46 front door actulators. £25 posted **WILL GET PICTURES SOON** BMW 3 Series E46 MAF sensor in excellent working order. £25 posted
  12. It will be fine. If the car was running fine before then that is ok.
  13. Do a jobby on the floor of that unit before going and stick one of the other guys sockets in it
  14. Some BMW parts i have lying around. If interested in any get in touch and ill reply asap. The parts are based in Glasgow. BMW 3 Series E46 Msport rear spoiler and cd magazine. The rear spoiler is in excellent condition and is finished in schwartz black. £40 posted The cd magazine is in excellent working order and condition. £20 posted BMW 3 Series E46 door handles finished in schwartz black. The handles are in excellent condition. £30 posted ****i will get pictures of the handles****
  15. I bought a 2000 W reg bmw 316i with full msport body kit and a years mot and tax. It was immaculate - got it for £440 but it did have 165k on the clock
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