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    E46 Details
    Type: BV92
    Engine: M57/TU
    Transmission : Manual
    Production Date: 11.10.2004
    Assembled in: Regensburg

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  1. R.I.P E46 sad times Joe guess I'll bring the sledge hammer along
  2. Still in the market but you said you needed them for this winter...... Hence forth I had a opertunitity that was hard to say no to.
  3. As mentioned before good workmanship..... But not for me
  4. Picked up my winter tyres... Fitting them tomorrow ?
  5. That would be because you boot the car everywhere :lol:
  6. Hello I am selling my Genuine AC Schnitzer Type 1's 8 x 17 ET 35 These wheels are starting to get rare now. Defineatley in need of a refurb to sort out the curb rash although there is no evidence of flat spots, cracking, welds, former repairs or buckles. They would make a nice wheel for winter tyres. 1 x Runway Enduro 916+ with 6-7mm tread, looks new, tread pattern is a copy of the Avon ZZ3. 1 x Avon ZZ3 5-6mm tread but sidewall is just starting to show some slight cracking. 1 x Prestivo Sport 4-5mm tread, tread pattern is a copy of the Michelin Pilot Premacy. 1 x Michelin Pilot Premacy 3-4mm tread but heavy sidewall cracking and needs throwing away All tyres are 225/45 R17 Looking for £250.00 cash collected from Buckinghamshire for a fellow zoner Anyway pictures: Cheers Pete
  7. Might be worth a sticky http://www.alignmycar.co.uk
  8. Happy days for you.... Being so specific your just have to be patient , it took me about 3 months to find mine and I was lucky. Introduce yourself,stick around the forum and be patient is my advice Lots of good information can be found by searching through the forum and people are very friendly with tonnes of experience.
  9. well that two cars you have managed drive in to objects then and yes it does smike well
  10. Agreed hows you ssaloon family bus holding up ??? Tomorrow 4 wheel alignment
  11. Turbo kid .. Liked Next Alien Tampon ...... Just for the name sake it's worth a try
  12. agreed pot holes and speed bumps are interesting at the moment ... But the car drives like its on rails best upgrade I've done with no regrets
  13. Hummmmm next your be saying put stickers in the window saying Dapper or Illest
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