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  1. Hi, not really been on here since I sold my E46 back in May/June but been back visiting the mothership and tasked with clearing out some of the bits & bob's sat gathering dust at the moment. So with a view to freeing up a bit of space and avoiding a clip round the ear (apparently I am too old :/ ). First off the more familiar stuff, then M3 clocks and EcoTune lower down. (all prices are without postage) AutoLeads stereo DIN surround. £5 AutoLeads ISO Harness £5 BMW Aux-In adapter for OEM CD player or SatNav £10 Sliding Tray & Coin Box £25 e46 Coupe front speakers £10 e46 330cd front springs £10 e46 H&R Rear Lowering Springs (Unused) £25 Genuine BMW E46 Coupe Matts £20 I've also got for sale M3 clocks programmed to work with a BMW 330cd without tamper light which came with my M3 replica. The only reason I removed these is I personally preferred the originals and preferred for the limit on the tach to be at 6k not 9 which it will never hit. Thats not to say they don't look fantastic fitted though. Mileage on these is 44k £150 And finally I have an EcoTune iFlash for a 320cd. This allows you to remap your own car and I can provide it with both the Eco and Maxi Remaps. You can also then use this to backup your original map to restore at a later date like when the car is sold for example. £165 This can also be used to read fault codes on your car.
  2. Hi, BMW now sold and I'm just adding few things final things to the for sale as I find them floating about the house, to start off: Sliding Center Tray & Coin Holder: £25 collected P&P £3
  3. Hi, relisting and priced for a quick sale: JL Audio E46 Stealthboxes, £400 £300 If its not too much trouble as I'm selling my BM I'm spending a lot more time on the 300zx with my new pride and joy so could buyers email me: seanrobinson@gmx.co.uk and I should be able to get to you a lot quicker
  4. Hi AmarB, As trickster says it is a really easy install and to save messing about if you pay the full asking price I'll include everything you need, my kenwood amp, line out converter and the requiered wiring. PM me and let me know Also Trickster thanks for your help[, it is much appreciated!!!
  5. not really, I made it clear other people where interested and after letting matt know copped for a text message saying if he lived closer he'd be on my doorstep, which personally i just found a little infantile, which are again reiterated in his comments now 'the buyer got ripped off' I've ignored the comments on the thread as I don't see the point in a big online dispute and I'll not get dragged into one. This is my side of the story, believe what you will but plenty of people have met me off the forum and I've had plenty of pleasant dealings with folk to vouch for me. I'll say know more on the subject
  6. Hi, sorry for my ignorance, I haven't looked at the forum in ages, been too busy sorting out the new motor Yes the stealth boxes are for sale and the fit is as shown in ' iluminusbutterfly' picture. The suspension is now off the car also so up for grabs and I've added a pic to my initial post
  7. First off cheers to trickster for the support and pointing out the timescales The coil overs are about a year and a half old and are in excellent shape, they where bought on here from litchy who had done very few miles on them and I've done about 4k on them since I fitted them. They are height and dampening adjustable and allow for camber adjustment also. While I get them off the car more details are available here: http://www.driftworks.com/shop/suspension/bmw-suspension/hsd-hr-coilovers-for-bmw-e46-m3-and-non-m3-models.html Over the last year I have only seen 3 sets of these available, one set on ebay which fetched 370, trickster's feeler where he was looking at the 400 mark and the cheap set that went on talk audio, which where a steal. Given the subtlety of the install and the sound they produce I think they're worth every penny. Given how rare they are I think they are difficult to price but having lived with them for a while now I know I'd be prepared to pay this for them myself and aside from the freakishly cheap set it looks to be what others have gone for. Not having a go btw, just defending the price as I think they're worth every penny Also as promised pictures have now been uploaded for the subs at least
  8. Hi, I'm looking to sell my car within the next month or so and with that in mind am selling on the various mod's I've had on the car I don't see adding value. I'll upload pictures as I get them off the car over the next few days. So far for sale I have: Pair of JL Audio E46 Stealth-boxes. £400 HSD Coilovers - £425 Any questions please feel free to ask
  9. hey trickster, how much for the spare key and how would you go about cutting and coding it?
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