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  1. To confirm this is for Saturday 24 Sept anyone ???
  2. I'm looking for a 330i saloon it's for friend who's an automotive journalist / article writer who needs it for a photo shoot in the Manchester area on Saturday 23 Sept. I'm helping as he hasn't got the time to join up various forums on the search for one The car must be a 330i saloon (pre or post facelift) must be clean and as close to original as possible. no stance, no 19's or after market wheels, no straight pipe exhausts. You get the idea. A set of eibachs and a say a subtle back box would be acceptable the the owner of the car will be treated to food & drinks, fuel costs, will get copies of all the photos and a few copies of the magazine On the day, cars will be covered by the publishers insurance please post a photo of your car along with an email address and I'll forward them to him and he will be in contact.
  3. There's not much you can do other than what's been said I have changed my manifold for an m52 one and compiled that with an Alpina B3 3,3 exhaust system, that freed up 10hp but the car breaths a pulls a lot harder at higher RPM's in 3rd & 4th gear I've also swapped the diff ratio at the same time I fitted a qualife LSD. I've got a 5sp manual so went from a 2.93 to a 3.38(from an auto) 1st is a touch short but 3 & 4th are brilliant now, as are 2nd gear hairpins. Before the car would bog down the flip side is I lost 500rpm and 10mph of the top speed, but let's be honest that's not going to affect me in real life. Cruising at 80mph is still fine and MPG on a run is only down a touch
  4. Will do mate and I'll drop you a PM
  5. The back on the cabrios sit perfect for me so it would be a case of changing just the fronts. Eibach or H&R would be the best options. I run the H&R 55/35 springs. The back dropped 10mm and front about 30. Ideally I'd either lower the front 10mm or raise the rear to give it a more even look A mate has a set which is available. As for the handling and ride; lowering just the front shouldn't be detrimental to it
  6. Hello mate, yep i remember you I'm still on the zone, if you head back you'll probably recognise some of the names as the usual suspects are still there. I'm actually part of the team there now as well !! that what happens when you get countless bans lol as for me and BM's, why change a habit of a life time. firstly, thank you as for the price, its should be about £1550 all in. I know the guys at Birds fairly well so i did get a bit of a discount.
  7. Well it's been a while since I've updated this I've kept the car as didn't find anything I liked to replace it. Came close to buying an e91 320d in ruby black but chose to stick with what I have And since then, it's had a full service done and it had. quaife LSD fitted Prior to the quaife being installed I took the car to Birds Garage for a health check and it was given a bill of clean health. They supplied, installed and fitted the LSD for me I supplied a 3.38 diff to drop the gearing a touch. Ideally I would have only gone to a 3.15 or 3.23 but that would have involved swapping CW&P and more dramas After fitting it I initially thought it was too short, but since putting some miles on it in actually very happy with the gearing and I'm over the moon with the grip 1st does feel a touch short, but 3rd & 4th are brilliant now. Even second is better, it comes into its own on tight corners and you can really sling shot out of them where before it would seem to bog down a bit. Driving with the DSC & TC on, I very rarely see the the lights flickering. Going through a series of roads and round abouts I know very well, I'm going through them a lot quicker In th past the TC light would be flickering on and braking the wheel that's loosing traction and the throttle would be cut, now it just grips If you choose to turn all the driver aids off you can have a lot of fun with the car So, in short I'm in love with the car all over again Next up a brake upgraded and probably do a track day
  8. Been back to speak to the people that mapped it ?
  9. 328i manifold are a direct fit to the head. I used some from a B3 and the complete exhaust system so it was literally few hours to get it swapped over. Power wise, bum dyno said yes and so did the real dyno. Was a clean 11hp peak power gain and another 12 after the re map
  10. No issues with Jason, not in 10 years that I've used him Yes he takes his time but when re mapping a car you need to let it cool down and to get it right takes time You could flash a map on for less money and less time but it's never going to be as good as a proper live re map He does his maps from scratch, he runs a busy garage so service jobs do take priority. It may seem chaotic at times at the work shop but it's busy for a reason, he knows what he is doing My advise is book the car in and plan to leave it with him for a few days He will drive it on the road to make sure it's all good too.
  11. First, Thank you The main reason i switched the fogs to LED's was o match the colour our put of the rest of the front end lighting, but since the angel eyes have gone and then the LED side light (Kept failing and crumbling) and i'm on Osram 501's it may be an idea to go back to stock fogs, but for now they will stay Exhaust, its the full alpina system with no primary cats in the manifold. i really should post up the dyno plots 4th person in as many days to say that ! i may well be selling it you know how to contact me colin so.....
  12. i can't disagree an alpina/alpina themed one would have been a sweet addition to the feature
  13. Well, PBMW decided to do a 3 way feature of me and my mates tourers We've all had our e30 M3's featured in the mag and close friends so it was a a nice story to go with 3 tidy wagons/work horses
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