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  1. Turns out my "new" (recon'd) alternator was dead on arrival. I'm now an expert at swapping alternators...
  2. Well I don't want to go down that route as I just picked up this one so is under warranty. I'm just hoping that someone might know of a fault caused by the smart charge system that seems to be on these cars.
  3. Yeah mine was a Recon that lasted 1yr and 11 days but thankfully I had a 2 year warranty on it!
  4. hi guys, long time no speak (flat out working these days) HELP! My battery light came on the other night I assumed the alternator had packed up (no charge on the battery, 11.4 V) so I had it changed. This alternator is only a year old after my original one packed up half way to Brighton. New alternator, 11.4V.... A friend of mine who is a good mechanic tested the output on the Alternator, just battery voltage and also tested the voltage on the two wires in the plugs going into the alternator. I can't remember what voltage he had but he did say it had what he expected to see. He thinks my replacement is duff my local motorcare has let me know that'll I need to pay for a new alternaotro and will only get a refund if the unit is tested as faulty. I'm trying to avoid paying that as I'm trying to save up before I move into my new house! Any ideas what might be up?
  5. daveo132

    Bola B1

    Hi all, My car is going soon so I have for sale the Bola B1's. Asking for £600 as it will include the tires which all have good tread. One wheel has a little bit of curb rash but isn't that noticeable. Collection only from near Abergavenny South Wales.
  6. For sale is my Connects2 Harness and SWC adaptor. Was used with my Parrot Asteroid Smart. Will work with any Head unit but you will need to buy the correct patch lead for the head unit you wish to use. round style pins £10 inc. postage.
  7. Further Pics Added For sale E46 325 Ci Sport in Titan Silver 176k miles, 52 Plate – KC52 GGF I have owned this car for 5 years and the car has been faultless. The car was standard when I bought it and have spent a fair bit bringing it to the standard you see below. I feel it’s now time for a change as I'll be moving closer to work soon so can afford to have a car that I only need on weekends. Asking £2500 which I think is a good price given the work I have done to the car. Suspension alone cost around £700 to buy. Feel free to come and test dive, but if you do please bring your insurance paperwork with you to prove that your insurance will cover you to drive the car. No insurance, no getting behind the wheel. All keys are with the car (2 normal ones, service key and the plastic one) One of the keys has been refurbed, new battery and case etc. Spec: Clubsport splitters Angel eye DRL Black kidney grilles Fog light surrounds 2 new front wings Smoked lights all round (not head lights) K&N gen2 air filter Rebuilt and powder coated front brakes New Bola wheels (6 months old) Black diamond 12 groove front disks Bilstien B12 sportline kit all round Polybushed anti roll bars Rouge Engineering Front re-enforcement plates for suspension Rouge engineering Rear re-enforcement plates Royal steering wheel with tri stich Z4 short shift Bolsters on driver’s seat re-trimmed Carbon cube trim Arm rest fitted Satin black wrapped roof ACS style rear spoiler Custom exhaust with removed second cats, larger centre box and open rear box Sub fitted to rear seats Vibe slick rear speakers Cup holders in footwells – see pics Maintenance to the car: Water pump at 100k FSR replaced Full service history Oil filter housing gasket replaced Cam cover gasket replaced New Radiator MAF replaced with genuine item CCV system replaced New Drivers front Wishbone due to damage fitting the suspension (own fault!) Clutch replaced at approx 115k Heater matrix valve replaced Passenger and drivers air bag both replaced by BMW recall New Expansion Tank New control valve in heater matrix Just had service 2 I have always serviced with good parts and use 5w40 Fuchs titan XTL GT1 oil (LL04). Included, fuel filter spark plugs cabin filter etc. The radio and amplifier is not included with this sale as I will be taking these to my next car. I will leave the wiring in place so you can add and amp to have the sub working again. I do have a spare standard radio that can be fitted or included with the car. I also have the standard Air Box that will be included with the car. Few known issues: Sensor for the base of the driver’s seat has failed meaning it won’t move forward and back properly. It will move but then stop so you just need to press the button again. As it is only me who drives this has never bothered me. Some damage to the leather on the arm rest, just age. The PDC sensors no longer work. Might just be the one sensor that needs changing if you're so inclined. Details on last MOT; Initially failed on worn front brake hoses and corroded rear lines. These were replaced at the service and the car passed with no advisories. Car is available from the second weekend in June. Car is in Monmouthshire South Wales. Contact Dave 07896889739 Viewing welcome on most evening and weekends.
  8. Misfire gone and the battery was the amp after all. Looks like something popped inside. ah well. Also ended up having to replace the coolant tank this week and that let go too. busy week all round but she's back to her former glory again lol
  9. Yeah after chatting to the guy that does the work on the car that's what he thinks. hopefully there are all little things that just happen to have all come at once lol
  10. Now it thinks it's an Audi and will only run on 5 cylinders....
  11. Good point. I'll take a look. I ran the amp off a switched live and have a switch on that to make sure it stays off. Doesn't rule out another issue with the unit though. Sent from my Sony Xperia Z5 using Tapatalk
  12. So.... I have another problem. My battery keeps draining on me. Battery is only 18 months old. FSR has been replaced. I need to check the alternator still but are there any other issues that could be the culprit? Think it's time to look at a new car. Will be moving soon so i can have something less practical. 350z have taken my fancy...
  13. Hi guys, Sorry I've not replied, other issues have kept me busy. I'll take a look at those hoses on the weekend. My thoughts are with the valve. Poor car is beginning to show it's age now.
  14. No FSR was done last year. Speaking to someone else they think it's the control valve in the matrix. Fans themselves work perfectly just no hot air coming through. Doesn't help when I'm rushing through the original post.
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