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  1. thanks for the reply tim seems DAB might not be worth it
  2. Looking for headunit recommendations on upgrading from the old style dynavin to something else. Must have satnav, 7' screen, bluetooth and steering control. Will also be looking for it to be DAB if possible I see quite a few android units on ebay for cheap but are they any good?
  3. @Todd1983 whats the exact make up of your system in those vids? pre cat and secondary cats gone? then just magnex cat back?
  4. where can i find them at that price mjn? cheers
  5. About to start modding my 2006 330d Looking at coilovers sub £1000 - anyone got recommendations ? Last coilovers i got were Weitecs so basically AP/KW stuff and was really impressed but want damping adjustment this time HSD seem popular? i wouldnt consider D2 or Ksport or BC on a daily driver TBH got BC's on my impreza and theyre rock solid with track springs not really what im after to do 400 miles a week Do i need to take anything else into account with lowering the car a little? Ie roll bar mounts or arch rolling? have noticed the car scrub a little taking corners in a spirited fashion so just wondering! standard mv2's btw dont really plan on going any bigger in terms of wheels maybe wider idk Thanks
  6. About to starting tuning my 2006 330d with EGR, full stainless and map Previously done a lot of work with VW's and had to deal with EGR coolers etc. Dont want to mess anything up on the cars as its my daily so just wanting a heads up The allard kit says it requires nothing else to fit - this true? Does it blank the feed from the manifold or does that remain and still pipe to 'nowhere' cheers
  7. yeah the cars an 06 so thats a good bit of info thanks buddy so looking like just the 1 cat then. just been looking at full stainless systems - eek
  8. hi guys im wanting to decat the 1st cat and EGR delete before remapping, im aware of the decats for 330D's but not quite sure how these will fit in with current laws regarding MOT my understanding is we cant get away with decats / aftermarket pipes where the cats should be on diesels anymore - i last had a decat diesel golf about 4 years ago and wasnt an issue anyone know for sure the current state with decats, im tempted between either obviously having the cat smashed out and retaining the factory pipe or the performance 1st cat pipe - im led to believe there is a secondary cat in the system but havnt looked also is there any evidence online of performance differences between removing the standard cat and retaining the stock pipe vs a performance decat? Thanks!
  9. Anyone recommend a seller for a coupe badge set? ideally good quality ones not cheap fibre carbon ones that will be destroyed in the first jetwash. a full set front back, wheels and steering wheel would be nice but only £20 on ebay? im a bit wary...
  10. hi guys i decided on my days off to take the unit out and leave it powered off to reset it. i did notice on the one time i used the nav i had no nav sounds. your theory rings true that the nav could have been running but also on a silent mode Rich. iv reseated the unit and im set to drive to work tomorrow so il see what happens. if its just this il be more then happy its fixed lol
  11. its the older d99. its happening on all modes, i have played with the settings and its made no difference. how do you update the firmware?
  12. i eventually managed to order some trim removal tools and take the headunit out, iv checked all cables and cant see any issue- popped it back in and still sound drops out every 30 seconds or so. getting annoying now. thinking it could be my headunit iv emailed dynavin for troubleshooting steps but no response whats the best double din i could replace it with?
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