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  1. BMW E46

    BMW E46
  2. never really done anything to a car before as i have had a company car for the last 7 years so am a bit unsure where to start really....
  3. yes thankfully it had it in when i bought it was made up with it. has the full works sat nav Bluetooth DVD TV hands-free CD radio just a bit unsure what to do next to the car i have a few things in mind. spacers but unsure what size to get ect? think the first thing i will get will be xenon headlights and the alloys refurb as they are a little bit pitted.
  4. any advice on stuff to do to it, or would you leave it as it is??
  5. yes it is. i was ideally looking for a manual but seen this one and seemed right?
  6. advice for new e46 owner!

    will do wont sleep tonight lol
  7. advice for new e46 owner!

    cheers mate
  8. advice for new e46 owner!

    also the hpi says the car is a sport but has msport steering wheel door sill protectors ect. it also has memory heated full leather seats?? do you think this has all been added or could it be a msport pack??
  9. advice for new e46 owner!

    not to sure to be honest. i wanted a manual car but have started a new job and lost my company car so it was a bit of a rush buy and this looked like the best value for money that i could find?
  10. advice for new e46 owner!

    done by a none franchise garage at around 64k i think? do you think i should get it serviced now or wait? is there anything else i should be looking out for?
  11. Hi guys just bought a 325ci coupe auto, 05 plate with 71000. the car has fsh first 4 from BMW i have had a mechanic check the car and he thinks its fine, the body work is in really good condition. the only down side that i can see is it has had 5 owners? i pick the car up tomorrow it has a full 12 months mot but was last serviced this time last year, the car says it is not due a service for another 7500 miles should i get it done now or wait till the cars says it is due? also is there anything else i should be checking looking for? got my mechanic to check bushes and springs ect and all are fine? it seems like its in really good condition lets hope so lol