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  1. Do your traction lights come on ?? Very common these early cars to have the throttle body go down
  2. Mishimoto kit if your after noise most affective noise on the m54 engine is via one of those kits other's sound nice too simota etc but imo Mishimoto for that nice induction noise
  3. Sounds like you have a very eArly 330i the early ones are the same as 328 (no pre cats ) so start looking at 328 exhaust or 330i later exhausts you will need the manifolds as well or cut and weld down pipes hope this helps
  4. With regards to the filter its a air box out job I'm afraid ,but no need for a new filter .. It's different and will need cleaning with a k&n type cleaning product . service the engine as normal and the drive belts for the supercharger are made by gates belts also we was told by synter that all parts are no longer available . with regards to the clutch as it was automatic with a standard 5hp 19 gearbox we put a standard 330 5 speed zf manual gearbox with standard clutch and flywheel and performs really well with the auto 3:38 diff ...
  5. Very rare car indeed my friend Nick jupp has just bought a acs3 supercharged 330ci .was auto and we converted to Manual 2 weeks ago .. any pics of the engine would love to see another
  6. Nice to hear about something different .Any pics of your progress ?
  7. Had this a few times ,use a t40 3/8 socket and with a bit of a tap with a hammer ...and she will come out !,
  8. How much are the bmw 330 performance discs m8 ??
  9. Pic of the setup ? Can't really mix them up as the ball joint tapper is different size .
  10. Yes it can be adjusted its mounted on top of the brake pedal just remove the under dash. push clip and 4 Phillip screws and you will see it ,
  11. Sounds like a maf issue have you had it on a diognostics ?
  12. Your top mount are very tight .. I have loads of experience with these being to tight if you remove the top mount from the shock and put it upside down there is a lock ring for the ball race losen this 1/4 turn and try bassicly the top mount bearing should turn when turning the steering but it's not and the shock it staying where it is and the hub is turning it self of the shock .if that makes sense 😂 I have always just removed the adjustable top mounts and put the standard ones on as these maxspeedy ones can be s**t ..I have used a few good ones but had a handful of crap ones too
  13. Just saying as I have had the same problem a hand full of times .yes wipers indicators and steering wheel controls and the digital screen of the clocks go on and off when they want ! new clocks and everything works 😀 Other than the normal issues of replacement clocks 😂
  14. Mike told it as it is 😂 Sorry but auto 330ds are common box failures
  15. Hi It's the instrument cluster had this a few times try another set and send yours off repair stating your problems as not un heard of pm you
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