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  1. I presume he's doing it so when it comes Mot time, the visual check will allow it to pass.
  2. News to me they test diesels for emissions...
  3. Mate you seem to get far too wound up about politics lol
  4. Have never said it's a keeper I've no desire whatsoever to own an e46 m3. I don't personally rate them, I'd rathe move on to pastures new rather than have something I've had 19 of now with a bigger engine, speed doesn't really appeal to me hence why I bought the low powered z4
  5. 'booo' seems to indicate that you were dissapointed with the new purchase - to be fair you've never really had anything nice to say to me so you can see why i replied like i did, i thought it was pretty funny to be fair.
  6. You know you threw the first punch, right? You can't do that, then dig at me for returning. i'm sorry, where did i throw the first punch? I'm sure you deficated all over my new purchase 'for only having 177bhp, no recolection of me throwing any punches your way?
  7. oh wow, my dad's harder than your dad! Wow you are such a role model Sam
  8. thanks mate! I've got a full weekend now - although i'm not sure the mrs will be happy me devoting all the weekend to it after getting her to fund a big chunk of it, i'm already in the dog house
  9. 177bhp is better than the zero bhp Z4 youll have soon because you have to sell
  10. You make it out like I've had no experience I've had 19 e46s & about 15 sets of coilovers Also possibly 50/60 sets of wheels on them? Probably more
  11. Yeah that's my mate Chris Haynes, used to work with him that car is scary quick lol
  12. After 19 e46s I'm sick to death of them As above z4 si
  13. thats half the fun though, fixing things, leaving stuff standard is all well & Good on a new bmw, but on a 13-14 year old e46 worth peanuts i personally couldnt give a toss if anything went wrong with it, i have the mechanical knowlege & ability to fix most things & have contacts for cheap parts, but can understand why people leave them standard too. Its all a risk, wheres the fun in taking no risks
  14. which company was it? something like tuningparts.de?
  15. alright Granddad Going back to the original post - I would walk away from a lowered car and I WOULD notice. I've modified and bough modified cars and it causes nothing but grief. Oh well , I sold my 330ci on tuesday night to a gent who was 65, i think the 10k plus worth of receipts inspired him to make the purchase, knowing the suspesion can be raised by anyone with a bit of common sense.
  16. Its sold now mate. it went on tuesday night, picking up my new car tonight
  17. Just cancelled my policy with adrian flux. After changing over from a 3.0 330ci with 4 seats, they wanted an additional £298 for the remaining 6 months on a Z4 2.5 Si ! f**k that. cancelled & went to esure for less than what i'm paying on the 330.
  18. 3 bolts & bleeding the cooling system (obvs removing the belts too)
  19. Holy s**t that colour is awesome!
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