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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions. I have had the lollipop bushes replaced. Ironically, the mechanic who looks after the car for me--TWG BMW specialists in Camberley, who are excellent--told me that the bushes were the first job I had had done on the car when I bought it four years ago. Apparently, they wear out after a couple of years or so. Anyway, the care is much improved now.
  2. Thanks for the tips. The tyres are not run flats. I will get the lollypops checked, and I guess it would help to have the same make all round, but the fronts still are at 4-5 mm. I will change them around 3 mm.
  3. I'm sure I'm not alone in this, but I find that other than on good surfaces my 325i tends to dart about on the road quite a bit. My tyre set up is 225/40R18 Bridgestones on the front and 255/35R18 Michelin Pilots on the rear. All the suspension, shock absorber and other relevant parts have been checked and found to be fine. Does the different size between the front and rear make a difference?I intend to put Pilots on the front in about 2,000 miles, which might help, but I'd be grateful for any other thoughts.
  4. I went for the Pilots in the end, which surprisingly were cheapest at KwikFit. The Bridgestones had worn in the middle of the tread, suggesting overinflation. BMW recommends about 40 psi and I had bee running 36! I will try 34 in the Michelins and hope for no repeat. Thanks for the comments.
  5. I'm about to change the Bridgestone 255/35 r18s on the rear of my 325i coupe. I'm thinking of putting Michelin Pilots or Continental on. Any thoughts/advice?
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