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  1. Oh yeah i know, I put my post up but didn't hear anything. Nevermind. Maybe next year lol
  2. I was at the show but i have to admit i felt a bit disappointed that I couldn't represent the zone for whatever reason. Shame really as it would have been nice to put names to faces. The show was really good, first time Ive ever been and i look forward to the next.
  3. Yeah im planning on going. Not exactly got a show car though lol How does this work then? Ive never been to one of these things.
  4. Cheers for the help fellas. I got one on order from ebay with link Mr Beemer left for a ton including postage. Hopefully itll turn up sharpish. Might do a guide if I remember lol
  5. Cheers for the help fellas. I got one on order from ebay with link Mr Beemer left for a ton including postage. Hopefully itll turn up sharpish. Might do a guide if I remember lol
  6. Thanks for that. Ive checked ebay but most seem to be 9 wire. I only count 5 on mine. I found one that looks perfect but its from a 1999 325 coupe. With mine being a facelift I dont know whether its different or not. Are the fixtures in the same place and that. Ill keep an eye out.
  7. Ah gutted, I shoulda just cme straight to you lol. Nevermind. Any ideas on the best place to look? As I say I could with one sooner rather than later.
  8. I was driving back from work and a Corsa clipped my D/S wing mirror. Brilliant. Phoned loads of motor factors and they cant seem to get them. I phoned BMW and they want 257 quid! I need one quite urgently, anybody got any recommendation or advice? Im in a 55 plate 320ci M Sport with Electric + Heated Mirrors, no power fold. Thanks in advance fellas.
  9. Just got back from the garage. All sorted now and it cost 110. He checked everything else and mentioned that the control arm bush had split. Next thing on the list lol. Id of loved to of had another go myself. I couldnt of gone far wrong. Ah well. Til next time.
  10. Cleaning always helps keeps car in good nick. I always clean my engine bay n underneath. Simply because its easier to spot problems when they occur. Im new to BM's but theres some truth in if aint broke dont fix it. So id say routine checks like oil level, washers, anti freeze, tyre pressure n treads. Check around for rust, salt on the road and what not. Hope that helps.
  11. Well id didnt seem too difficult. Couple of stubborn bolts granted. Thats whats so annoying lol. But as you say live and learn
  12. And the rears i agree on but i thought the fronts might be worth ago. I thought id be alright with it being in th housing already. Nevermind eh.
  13. Yeah, maybe its an overpriced POS. I thought going for the more expensive of the two id be safe. Guess not. Nice to know im not the only one but as i say maybe im (were) unlucky.
  14. I picked the more expensive baring that was in stock. Ortis i believe. And i tapped the bearing on with a mallet on the housing and then turned it on with the 46mm nut. Eurocarparts wont refund me or send me another unless i pay for one. Ill be sticking with my local indy for a while. Ive heard mixed things about ECP since i tried popping it on. Maybe i am just unlucky. Dunno.
  15. Just a quick update. A local BMW Specialist has quoted me 115 quid to sort it. I wanna do it myself but its time and im low on it. He garrentees the parts to. Oh by the way ive learnt one valuable lesson... put it this way i wont be buying from euro car parts again.
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