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  1. Hi, Well they're just the regular 'Style 44' that originally would have come with my motor... not sure what metals they're made out of? Cheers, Sam
  2. Cheers guys, will give it a go when I'm next off
  3. Hi all, I recently purchased an identical set of oem alloys to that of my own so I can have regular tyres fitted ready for the spring. However, whilst the outside-facing part of the wheels are in reasonable condition, the seller conveniently failed to mention the paint-bubbling on the inside of one of the hubs. Does is need to be fixed? - I'd like to be able to DIY-it as the bubbling is hidden from view... is there such a thing as a Hammerite-style alloy paint? What's the best way to DIY it? Cheers, Sam
  4. Further to this, the 6-CD player won't work at all now
  5. Hi all, Finally managed to get my Parrot thing I stalled by way of an SOT-060 lead. However, when using the device to play music, no sound is coming from the front L/R speakers. Similarly, no sound is coming from the front speakers when I'm playing the Oem radio. Any ideas? Cheers, Sam
  6. Hi, I've got all the cables and whatnot which were in the box but haven't bought the steering wheel thing yet. If I'm honest, I'd just be happy enough with it fitted at the moment... the steering wheel integration can wait if needs be. When I took the radio out I could obviously see the oem harness plugged into the back of it, I just couldn't figure out how the provided harnesses fitted onto or into it? Sam
  7. Hi, I currently have a 325i SE Touring with what appears to be the standard non-heated manual seats. However, whilst I was crawling about failing and miserably at another one of my 'projects', I noticed what looked to be a cable (in a black fabric sheath) going from the floor up into the seat... What would this be plugging into I side the seat?... I didn't think I had anything in there? I've heard a few other people say that BMW fitted their cars with the wiring as standard... Is this the case? Therefore, if I were to buy a replacement set of motorised and/or heated sports seats, what additional stuff would I need? - Would it just be the seats themselves + a new switch module / fascia? Cheers, Sam
  8. Hi, Thank you both for your posts. I've had a look on one of the BSW videos and it shows the same as what the above picture does, so I'll be giving it another go. However, I'm going to hang fire until a set of ebay-purchased little plastic 'trim tools' turn up... I was a little nervous using a metal butterknife. From numerous forum searches it would appear there have been a few names thrown up for what extra cable is needed... I'm not sure what's what now... Is there one for steering wheel integration and another cable just to make things simpler? Cheers, Sam
  9. Hi, I managed to get off the trim, remove the glove box, remove the radio, make a scratch on the gear knob with said radio, then get stuck at the air vent removal - Absolute pig to try and remove and it just wasn't budging... any more force and I think I would have broken something. In short, I wasted two hours and ended up putting everything back together again. In other news, having disconnected the battery, I found I had locked myself out boot when I came round to reconnecting it. Fortunately, I was able to lower the rear seat and wriggle (it must have been quite a sight) underneath the metal dog guard I have fixed. So, is there anything I can buy (aside from a vehicle electrician) to make this easier? What's the crack with all these various connectors? Cheers, Sam
  10. Hi, Most of the cherished plate sites have a prefix-style and current-style search which you can have a play about with; it will come up with all available plates as you play about with it. Aside from that, it's a totally personal and best you search for variations yourself. All I would say is some of the plates you've mentioned (such as 'SMS') might cost more than your car! Regards, Sam
  11. Hi all, Right, I've bought a Parrot MKI9200 and wish to neatly install it into my 325i Tourer. I was told there would be a guide on how to do this on the t'interweb but I've only found wiring diagrams so far; I was hoping for a step-by-step pictorial 'pry this off and stick this in' kind of idiot's guide - Are there any good guides knocking about in cyberspace that someone could direct me to please? Also, what tools - if any - will I need? Cheers, Sam
  12. Hi, First of all, excellent job Syemon!! So, I've decided on the 'Snooper 3Zero' (Which I appreciate will make the 'Snooper Laser Pod' I bought the other week redundant) and, having seen it advertised on the Halfords website, decided to visit my local store this evening to pick one up. Disappointment followed. Apparently, Halfords do not range any of the speed camera detectors in their stores and offer them exclusively on their web page - they act purely as a middleman between the customer and the manufacturer and carry no stock. When I asked the manager why this was, he told me it was due to a proposed change in the law to ban laser and radar detectors. Road Angel, he said, would simply 'block' their unit's capability by way of a software update. As for Snooper and the like, he didn't know. So, was this management bs to cover for Halford's letting a customer walk out empty-handed or is there truth in this? Sam
  13. Ah cool, I'm eagerly awaiting the pictures!!
  14. Hi, When I was in my car earlier today I thought about your sunglasses holder mod; are you definitely sure you'll be able to see it? - I'm 5'11 and the position I was sat meant most of the Road Angel's screen would have been shielded from view by the flap thing. Also, I watched a 'show and tell' kind of review on Youtube and some slots / vents were pointed out on the unit and it was remarked that they can get quite warm (as with most electrical things) - I can't remember whether the video was looking at a Snooper or a Road Angel, but it might be worth considering ventilation as you don't want it overheating and wearing itself out. Sam
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