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  1. Maybe "hall sensor" on the door lock,take door panel off and check for breaks in wiring to door lock plug,and also Check contacts in the plug itself.may find earth contact has corroded?
  2. I have that interior in black,electric memory in my tourer.never seen in another touring with the same?anybody else got it?or is this really a rarity?
  3. gaiters i was asking about in previous post
  4. they look good, did u have to remove the mounting frame from the originals and glue into the new ones, or did they come with the frame ready to fit?
  5. cheaper than i thort? if ur gunna use the rack regular worth it i think, to stop it going "walkies"
  6. im sure u can buy replacement security bolts and new key from BMW, ive seen them on the ebay store, if i remember right, the kit was about £20?
  7. is there a symbol for that? no i just noticed your post and as i am in the same position as you, and not sure myself what the real problem is, im reluctant to change a starter only to find that it didnt solve problem i have,i have not asked on here for help before, but maybe someone can offer us both some advice?
  8. sorry to hijack, i get exact same problem, i wasnt sure if it was my key wasnt being recognised by the car(same model and year)i remove key when it doesnt start, wait for a"click behind the dash" try it again and it seems to turn over then? so not sure if deffo starter or immobilizer? how did u get your diagnosis for starter?
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