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  1. Depends how i was treated as a customer, had a Mazda 3 which had a small spot of rust and the garage kept bodging the repair by just painting over it (this was a main dealer) and on the second attempt the alloys were suddenly curbed and an extra 50 miles on the clock, sooooo on the third try knowing it still wouldn't be sorted I drove there shiny new Mazda 2 which had covered all of about 1k miles to the red line from cold changing gears without the clutch and left them with a damaged gearbox to deal with some of the s**t they dealt me. Comparing this to the 318D I had for a month last year when my car had its subframe replaced which took 2 months of me calling Cardiff Sytner everyday till it got approved, when they approved it they apologized for the delay provided me a better car instead of a cheap 1litre enterprise rental and gave me a heavily discounted labour rate for changing additional items upon my request like all the bushings which i supplied and were powerflex, brake lines, diff cradle and waited a few extra days while i sourced parts to be replaced, they could of said no but because they were helpful there car got treated well.
  2. If this is happening ill grace you lot with my presence ahah not in a courtesy car though this time
  3. you say that bud didnt MSD get 230 BHP out of there 320? I suspect that the dyno lied a fair bit, i wzs told that you could get 206 bhp with no mods
  4. I just use plex at home and stream it to the apple TV, could also use android and chromecast but work paid for my iphone so apple tv works well. Or buy a new samsung TV which can handle plex.. Means i can watch my media anywhere there is an internet connnection
  5. New 335d's are now single turbo only, apart from the Alpina they are still twin. Previous 335D are sequential i beleive but the second turbo is activated by a flap which then directs exhaust gasses towards it. as others have said if your going to go twin you may aswell go for the 204bhp version and start from there
  6. Castle Combe on the 25th of april ? Me and Gaz off this forum have a 10 car stand its free entry if you get the forms in quick, also to go on track is £40 per session which isnt too bad
  7. Dont think theres enough space for a twin turbo looks tight as it is with a single turbo in there
  8. The first man to write a book about the womans mind which actually makes sence will be a billionaire in hours.
  9. Not hard to do, i know NEM most likely will do something along the lines of using a heat gun to melt the glue so the light can be split, they then remove all the old glue and then seal it up with new glue, its relatively simple. One thing though and this is no disrespect to NEM as they seem like a good bunch of guys and have met Naj briefly at a meet, angel ayes are common and other than the new V4 kit which is illegal to use if you change the colour whilst driving they are all pretty much the same. They dont increase light output they just make the car look different orrrr well not so different nowadays
  10. I don't understand the joy of driving up and down though..? Ok make some noise on your way in... and then on your way out. But those that go up and down constantly and then stop outside the bus stop to try and do a burnout..? Well nearly everyone there thinks you're a c**k lol Haha! It sounds beautiful though... GTR has always been my dream car and the sound of his just makes me slightly damp He's getting bored of it i think, apart from the money hes spent on it, there isnt alot more he can do without forging the engine, think he was looking at an R8 v10+
  11. Petes car hurts your ears, he was on the Jolly run with us and its loud as f**k at full chat
  12. SpanneR

    Naj's E46

    Cheers dude if you follow TheGentleMansJolly you will see there posting more of my pics and have te best shots up loaded. I took over 500 ooops lol
  13. SpanneR

    Naj's E46

    Car looks better In the flesh!!! Soz I couldn't stay and get pics bud
  14. Fairs be intresting to see how you would fair against my friends tune one thats pushing near 400 at the wheels from very early in the rev range
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