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  1. I have the 2 pin not ribbon type.. I retro fitted my memory seats so not a plug and play thing I've read a few good threads on there.. That's where I got the parts list from But can't get my head around the wiring
  2. I know it's be covered and I've done searches and found a few topics about retro fitting power fold mirrors .. But I'm pants at figuring out the wiring side .. I have a facelift saloon and have bought m3 style mirrors from mstyle...along with door switch, control module , and connectors for wiring block in the module.. So I just need to figure out how to wire the module and what wires to run to each door etc. Has anyone done it and could help me out.. I'll come to you or you to me. Will pay of course ..I'm located in Essex Any help would be great Thanks
  3. They are great quality and fit excellent. Alloy base plates too.. Had mine painted the same black base plate and silver covers
  4. Just bought a set for my loon from mstyle in Romford.. Brilliant quality.. But not the cheapest.
  5. Car has alway run fine.. Just all of a sudden the cruise stopped working..
  6. Thanks Ricky but it's all sorted now.. Put it into a BMW specialist garage yesterday..and the diagnosis... Corrupt software in ecu.. For some reason it was showing a canbus error.. And it thought the car was an auto.. And it's not . So it had to be returned to factory settings and it's all working fine. I had car remapped last year..and the software got corrupted.. Hence all the grief .
  7. Really.. One both counts lol I won't knock the little corsa.. My boy has one.. Good little cars. .. And enough of that lol When and where you wanna meet up ?
  8. Well just got home from Fairfield BMW and it's been plugged in. Nothing coming up at all.. Not fault codes etc.. Said I need to book it in for a full test etc and that's £115. Any other ideas ?
  9. No access to that at all mate I'm afraid
  10. thought it maybe one of those...clutch or brake. yet the brake lights work so id have thought i could rule that out
  11. Had it on my mates snap on ethos code reader today.... Nothing untoward came up Swirl flaps even tho car font have them lol Egr .. Don't have that either Apart from that .. All clear. Nothing in abs Any thoughts
  12. Ok. Thanks , I'll get it checked out. It goes into BMW on Friday for its airbag recall and a service, so may get them to do it
  13. I dont have any lights on dash so will codes show?
  14. Well I bought a brand new genuine Bosch maf ... And it's still don't work. Could it be brake or clutch switch related? Just a thought .. Brake lights work ok btw
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